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MP - Michael Peterson
Michael Petersen
(Kirra) n.-
explosive in the water - implosive on shore
Note: Michael Petersonís 1974 Personal Single Fin vintage Gun surfboard.
7í0 x 18 1/2 x 3
A very special board, sold to me by Michael and his mother in Tweed Heads 10 years ago.

Michael Peterson, 
Bells Beach, 1969.
Albert Falzon ?

Surfing World, 1970 ?

Michael Peterson, 
Kirra,  1970.
Photograph : Albert Falzon
Still from 
The Morning of the Earth.

Michael Peterson - Aragon Surfboard,
Stubbies Contest,
Burleigh Heads, 1977.
Photo: Peter Crawford

Michael Peterson, Sunset, circa 1973. 
Photograph : Bernie Baker 
Surfing March 1984 
Volume 20 Number 3 page 106.

Michael Peterson, Sunset, 1975.
10 mm lens, Nikon Motordrive,
Kodachrome 25F8, 1/200 secs.
Steve Wilkings

Number 1
December 1975, page 25.

Michael Peterson, Duke Contest (8th)

Sunset Beach, Hawaii, December 1976.
Photograph : Laurie McGiness
Surfing World
March 1976

Volume 25 Number 1 page 30.

Windensea Legropes : Michael Peterson
, October 1977, page 6.

Tracks January 1976

Natural Design Surfboards
Michael Peterson Surfboards
Dimentional Surf Design

Queensland ? Ivanhoe, Victoria?
Michael Peterson (MP)

Decal, left, and edited notes thanks to Mark Wilson, September 2020:
Iíve owned (this board) for some 20 plus years.
Members of the MP Vintage Board Facebook page referenced your site - they thought made about 1974 /1975.
The board has the MP - 1 initials near the fin.
It was suggested that it is a Natural Design board from Ivanhoe, Victoria, but Iím not sure this is correct.
Natural Design (Ivanhoe), below.

Also see Michael Peterson Surfboards.

The second decal, appears to be in two sections; the Natural Design - Shaped by Michael Peterson possibly trimmed from the top decal, laminated above the Dimentional Surf Design.
Note that
dimentional is not a real word, perhaps a misspelling of dimensional?

Other significant
misspellings include the John Arnold Surfboards Involment model, later corrected to Involvement, and McCoy Surfboards Reno Abelliro model, actually Abellira.

MP also shaped-designed for Shane Surfboards, Brookvale.

Michael Peterson Surfboards
Michael Peterson
80 Musgrave Street, Kirra
MP shaper, Peter Evans glasser, Ray Childes sanding/finishing.
- Advertisement, Tracks #53 - February 1975.

Michael Peterson Surfboards black, circa 1974
Ski-Free model, shaped by Michael Peterson, circa 1974.
contributed with thanks by Snazzy, April 2015.

Michael Peterson Surfboards coloured, circa 1976.

Also see Natural Design Surfboards.

One of half-dozen MP Fangtails, 1974.
Carl Tanner Collection.

Michael Peterson decal, circa 1976.
Decal and template images  contributed, with thanks, by Tom Kearney, Newcastle, January 2007.

In the mid-1970s MP also shaped-designed for Shane Surfboards, Brookvale.
At the same time, he also worked for Aragorn Surfboards at Kirra, Queensland.

In the early 1980s, along with brother Tommy, Michael Peterson shaped surfboards and WaveJumpers (sailboards) at Wintersun Surfboards, Pambula, NSW.
In 1982-84 he produced the Spiral Ride model Thruster.

Wave Jumpers, Shaped by Michael Peterson, 1985.

Michael Peterson Model

Tracks # 57, June 1975, page 1.

Tracks n17 1972 February

n 21 1972 June
Michael Peterson
Tracks n55 1975 April
Michael Peterson

Tracks n60 1975 September

Surfing World v22 n1 1975 October

Tracks n80 1977 May

Backdoor April 1977,  Number  15

Surfing World v25 n3 1977 July

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