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The definitive work on this subject is:
Albie Thoms: Surfmovies - a History of Surf Films since 1897.
The Blue Group, PO Box 321, Noosa Heads Queensland 4567 Published 2000.
1897 Surf at Monterey
A 25 second sequence of waves breaking on the coast at Monterey, California, filmed by Frederick Blechynden about September 5, 1897.
Released  by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (Copyright: 25Oct 1897; 60587), the producer was James White.
Library of Congress

LCCN permalink:

Hawaiian Islands | A Film by Thomas A. Edison Shot in 1906

1908 Hawaii- Paradise of the Pacific
Robert Kates Bonine, Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
National Printing & Engraving Co., 1512 Tribune Bldg (n. d.), Chicago

The first film of surfboard riding, the film was marketed early in 1909, and continued to sell and be used on the lecture and film circuits through at least 1913.
It's official mainland premier was at the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, as part of the Hawaii exhibit.

Promotional poster (41-1/8" x 28") advertising an unidentified show or exhibit.
Evidence suggests, however, that it was issued in conjunction with the showing of Robert Kates Bonine's short film, Volcano of Kilauea, at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, held in Seattle in 1909
Some have suggested that the poster was instead issued in conjunction with magic lantern slide lectures given by famed Hawaii photographer Ray Jerome Baker.

1915 Riding on surfboard, Oakland, California.

HEARST-SELIG NEWS PICTORIAL, NO. 54, 1915 (Selig), July 8.—

The following items make up the number: Models of warships at the Panama-Pacific Exposition; Mystic Shriners parade, Brooklyn; dumping confiscated firearms Into Lake Michigan; Atlantic City Baby Carnival; Lucile fashions; Battery F. New York National Guards, at practice; women carpenters, Chicago; riding on surfboard, Oakland, Cal.; woman ambulance surgeon, New York; Serbian war pictures.

The Moving Picture World
Volume 25 Number 4, July 24, 1915, page 649
Hathi Trust

1924 Feet of Clay
One of the earliest films featuring surfboards and surfing in the plot, Feet of Clay was a 1924 American silent drama film directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille.
Starring Vera Reynolds and Rod La Rocque, with set design by Norman Bel Geddes, the film is based on the novel by Margaretta Tuttle, and Beulah Marie Dix's one-act play Across the Border.
Feet of Clay is now considered lost.

Plot: Kerry falls in love with Amy and saves her life in a surfboard race though his foot is bitten by a shark.
Dr. Lansell tells him to keep off his foot for a year.
He weds Amy, but Dr. Lansell's wife Bertha wants him too.

Release Date: 28 September 1924 (USA)
Also Known As: Den forbudne Frugt
Filming Locations: Santa Catalina Island, Channel Islands, California, USA.

Tuttle, Margaretta: Feet Of Clay (Photoplay Edition)
Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1923.
The Photoplay Edition has 7 internal stills, one showing the two female leads with surfboards preparing for a surfboard race.

The Popular Sport of Surfboarding (1925)
Surfboard riders at the north end of Bondi Beach, riding solid timber boards.
From the newsreel The Spectator Magazine.
Australian Screen

Water Trix (1949)
Director: Charles T. Trego
Stars: Pete Smith, Charles T. Trego, Preston Petersen

Cinematographer Charles T. Trego is going airborne in a helicopter in order to get a different perspective of filming water skiing, rather than the traditional vantage point from a boat following the skier. Among the skiers Trego spots is champion Preston Petersen. The filming is as much as to show the beauty and difficulty of the water skiing tricks in and of themselves, as it is to show how their beauty can be increased by different techniques in the actual filming. In the process, the helicopter also assists a stalled sailboat which is in need of a little man-made wind to get it going.  —Huggo

 In this Pete Smith Specialty, cameraman Charles T. Trego films water skiing champion Preston Petersen, as he and two unnamed female skiers perform various tricks and feats of skill in their sport. —David Glagovsky

Gary Lynch noted Feb, 2018:
Watched a fascinating short on TMC channel called ‘Water Trix’. It features Preston ‘Pete’ Peterson, well known 360 degrees waterman. Lots of wild crazy tricks on custom built water skies, using  paddleboad, logs,  tandem and shooting between the boulders of the Santa Monica Breakwater, mostly shot in the ocean around Santa Monica, pier can be seen in background.  Film produced by Charles Trego, 1948, released in 1949.  I could not find it on Youtube. Really hi-lights the incredible water related talents of Pete Peterson, and anything but normal. Professional state of art 16mm/35mm arial photography from helicopter developed during WWII. Surfing Museums should obtain a copy.
Nominated: Academy Award for Best Short Subject, One-reel

Was on:

1957 Australian Film Archives
Colour footage of USA surf team to Melbourne Olympics surfing their Malibu boards in Australia.
Shot for Ampol (petrol company) it was shown around the Lifesaving Clubs and helped spur the acceptance of the new design.
Now in the Australian Film Archives it regularly appears in TV documentaries, particularly the ABC.
Note the footage also includes Duke Kahanamoku  at Freshwater in 1956 with his board from 1915.
Australian Screen

Greg Noll:
Search for Surf
44:45 Australia
Includes footage from Torquay Carnival and Sydney.

1957  The Big Surf,

Bud Browne  (USA)
The first commercial release in Australia, shown by Bud at Queenscliff Surf Club, 14 December 1957.

1958 Surf Down Under
Bud Browne’s film of his 1957 visit.
1958 Slippery When Wet

Bruce Brown’s first release. 

From the novel by Fredrick Kohner, Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas, and based on his own daughter, Kathy.
The first of a string of Hollywood surf movies, directed by Paul Wendkos and starring Sandra Dee, James Darren and Cliff Robertson.
Surfing by the Malibu crew including Mickey Dora (as Moondogie) and Mickey Munoz, reported as doubling as Gidget in a blond wig.
However, note that in the surfing footage below, Gidget is a goofy-footer.

Gidget - (Original Trailer)

Gidget (1959) A learning-to-surf sequence

Gidget (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Before You Melt: Surfing Footage

Also see:
Sally Field: Gidget, 2018.

Robertson-Sweet Surfboards

Quality in ANY language: in the first edition of Surfer magazine, 1960.
Following the film's release, Cliff Robertson went into partnership with Rodger Sweet, brother of Dave Sweet, in the short lived Robertson-Sweet Surfboards of Pacific Palisades, California.

Robertson-Sweet ... 4 Solid products
: Diving magazine ?, 1962?
A complete range of dive and surf equipment including spear-guns, wetsuits
surfboards and paddleboards.
The Scubaboard, bottom, apparently has a see-though underwater window inserted through the board.
The sailboard with centre-board and fin is only an illustration.

Moondoggie paddles Gidget back to the beach.

Gidget - Sandra Dee.

James Darren,
Sandra Dee and Cliff Robertson.

Sandra Dee and Kathy Kohner.

1959 Cat on a Hot Foam Board

Bud Browne 
1959 Surf Crazy

Bruce Brown 
1960 Surf Fever
John Severson
Surf Movie Posters-graphic surfing film art by John Severson

Ad in the first edition of Surfer magazine, 1960
Originally produced as a film program for Severson's Surf Fever 1960, demand saw the magazine move to regular issues. 
It's artistic style, cross-pollination with surf films, longevity and commercial success set the benchmark and earn the title of the Father of Surfing Magazines.

1961 Surf Trek to Hawaii

Bob Evans.- first movie by Bob Evans.
Dave Jackman, Bob Pike, Midget Farrelly.
Note: The only work of  Bob Evans that has been transferred to video appears in small segments in Nat Young’s ‘The History of Australian Surfing’ 1985. See below.
Bob Evans died in 1976.
Film Australia probably have copies of at least some of Evan's films, but since nothing has ever been commericially released I suspect that there must be some legal dispute over who holds the copyright.
Given Evans died 30 years ago, it would seem highly unlikely these films will be commerically available in the near future, if ever.
Bob Evans' Ride a White Horse, 1968, was released on DVD in 2009. See below.

1961 Big Wednesday
John Severson,
This was an original surf film, the title re-used by John Milhouse for his Hollywood production,circa 1978.
1961 Barefoot Adventure

Bruce Brown
1962 Midget Goes Hawaiian ,
Bob Evans
Midget Farrelly’s Makaha win. 

1962 Going My Wave

John Severson 
1962 Surfing Hollow Days .
Bruce Brown

Surfing Hollow Days
- Stomp

8/- 10/-
 Surf Film plus Surf Stomp
Sponsored by Pepsi and Miranda and Radio 2UW

Roland Storm and the Statesmen          3 Hours of Stomping
Hundreds of Prizes                      Surprise Guest Artists,
2UW Disc Jockeys                       2 Keyo Surfboards.

Sydney Town Hall
Saturday 25th January (1963?) 8.00pm

1962 Surfing the Southern Cross
Bob Evans
Poster image.


Bruce Brown
Compilation of sequences from previous films.
1963 Gung Ho!

Bud Browne 
1963 The Angry Sea
John Severson
Surf in Mexico, California and Hawaii.
Photographed by
John Severson and Ron Church.
Narration by
John Severson

Surfing World
Volume 3 Number 1, September 1963, page 2.

Surfer: Bob Pike?

1963 Walk on the Wet Side
Dale Davis

1963  Follow the Surf
Dennis Elton 

1963 North Swell

Grant Rohloff, 
1963 Let There Be Surf

Jim Freeman 
1964 Locked In!

Bud Browne 
1964 The Endless Summer

Bruce Brown
Original print shown on the surf movie circuit, US and Australia.
“Still others like a short belly-board (sic) and a long ride like George Greenough at Santa Barbara, California” – Bruce Brown in the introductory sequence of The Endless Summer.

Best Clip from "The Endless Summer" : Cape Saint Francis
1964 For Surfers Only
Grant Rohloff,

1964 The Young Wavehunters
Bob Evans
Excerpt f
eaturing Bobby Brown, Nat Young & Kevin Platt surfing at Angourie, Northern NSW.
The footage formed part of the Bobby Brown: Surfing Legend exhibition touring Australia in 2010-2011.

1965 The Performers

Greg MacGillivray
1965 A Cool Wave of Color

Greg MacGillivray
1965 Long Way 'Round
Bob Evans


Surfing World
Volume 7 Number 2, page 3.
December 1965.


1965 Life in the Sun
Paul Witzig,
1st feature.
1965 The Last Wave

Grant Rohloff

1965 Inside Out
Dale Davis

   00:00 Footage from Walk on the Wet Side (1963) see above.
   12:00 Start with only a hint of the opening credits for Strictly Hot (1964) ?
1:00:00 Opening credits for Inside Out.
1:53:00 Pat Edwards riding the biggest wave ever filmed.

Stop the Wave 1965 Surfing Film Hawaii
Introduction only.

Produced by Jim Wilhoite,
Associate Producer: Charles Fox
Contributing Photographer: Ralph Klaus

Ventura High School
Friday May 21, 1965.

Hawaii and California
Skim Boards
Maui with Mickey Munoz and Butch Van Artsdalen

1966 The Endless Summer- 35mm Columbia Pictures release, with 3 minutes cut.
Bruce Brown
“Still others like a short bellyboard (sic) and a long ride like George Greenough at Santa Barbara, California” – Bruce Brown in the introductory sequence of The Endless Summer.

Movie Poster:
The Endless Summer, 1966, featuring Phil Edwards.

1967 Free and Easy
Greg MacGillivray, and Greg Freeman, (USA)

vintage longboarding "the 1966 world surfing contest"
World contest sequence from
Greg MacGillivray and Greg Freeman's  Free and Easy (1967)

1967 Blue Surfari
Written and directed by Milton Blair

the real big wednesday(outside pipeline)very rare clip
the first surfers to ride outside pipeline; ricky grigg, mike stang and greg noll.
ricky grigg gets the wave of the day.from the surf movie blue surf-ari, a very rare flim from the 60's.

1967 May The Hot Generation
Directed/Camera/Script by Paul Witzig.
First release.
Surfers : Bob McTavish, Russell Hughes, Kevin Brennan, Bobby Brown, Rodney Stumper, Nat Young, Peter Drouyn, Midget Farrelly, Robert Connelly, Keith Paull, Ted Spencer, George Greenough, Reno Dick Brewer, Buddy Boy.
Locations :Noosa, Byron Bay, France, Burleigh Heads, Bells Beach (Austrailian Titles or Easter contest 1967?),  Maui/Honolua Bay.
Youtube:The Hot Generation Trailer (1967)

1968 High on a Cool Wave,
Bob Evans.
With Nat Young and Peter Drouyn.
Includes San Diego World Titles and Hawaii.
Australian Screen

As a bigger swell hits Noosa Heads in the winter of 1966, Nat Young, Bob McTavish and George Greenough try out their new boards, getting playful on the waves.
This idyllic footage from the winter of 1966 shows how good Nat Young had become, just before he went to the US to win the World Championships.
Bob McTavish, 45 years later, described this footage as about as good as longboard riding could get.
The playfulness with which these three innovators perform tricks for the camera gives a good sense of how complete was their mastery of these boards and conditions.

When this film was shot, surfing had already become a lifestyle, not simply a sport.
The combination of elements here – the music, the light, the gracefulness of the technique, and the final narration – are all about giving a sense of the desirability of that lifestyle.

- Paul Byrnes

Splashdown, Tracks, Ride a White Horse,
1968 Ride a White Horse 

Bob Evans
Released on DVD in 2009.

Bob Evans' Ride a White Horse was a distinct disappointment when first released in 1968, coming at the height of radical developments in surfing performance and an associated explosion in surfboard design.
In a compilation drawn from previous films dating back to 1960, the movie contained no footage that was remotely current and Australian audiences were small and scathingly critical.
The latest film was the performance of Australian surfers at the 1966 World Championships in California, emphatically won before the completion of the final round by Nat Young riding Sam, a thin railed 9ft 4 with a Greenough fin.
Other finalists included Rodney Stumper (while competing here for the U.K., Sumpter began his surfing career on Sydney's Northern Beaches) and Midget Farrelly riding his ground-breaking Stringerless model.
Six months later, in mid-1967, these Australian designs would morph into the Sydney-centric Vee-Bottom Stubby, largely initiated by professional rivalry between Midget Farrelly at Palm Beach and Bob McTavish working for Keyo Surfboards at Brookvale.
Initially about 9ft long, by then end of the year some Vee-Bottoms were down to 7ft, a substantial reduction of 25%.
While length decreased, the surfing performance of the Australian elite exploded, perhaps best expressed in the surfing of Victorian prodigy, Wayne Lynch.
The progress was demonstrated at a contest with visiting American members of the Windansea Club in October 1967 and clearly documented in Eric Blum's Fantastic Plastic Machine, 1969.
Subsequently, Australian surfboard designers lead a continuous reduction in board length and widths became progressively narrower.
1968  The Hot Generation
Directed/Camera/Script by Paul Witzig.
Second release.

1968 The Golden Breed
Dale Davis

golden breed surf movie

1968 Children of the Sun
Andy McAlpine

1968 The Way We Like It
Bob Evans

Surfing Worl

September 1968, Volume 11 Number 3 page 33.

1969 With Surfing in Mind
Rod Sumpter
England, France, Morocco and th
e 1968
Puerto Rico World Contest.
River Severn and Bay of Fundy Tidal Waves.

Wayne Lynch,Ted Spencer, Nat Young, Keith Paull,
Fred Hemmings
Corky Carroll, Margaret Godfrey.
Rod Sumpter

The poster flips Dr Don James' 1965 photograph of Rusty Miller, turning the Sunset Beach peak into a left-hander.

The Fantastic Plastic Machine

Eric Blum.

Stills from The Fantastic Plastic Machine.
Surf International Volume 1 Number 11.

Bob McTavish, Maui, 1967.

George Greenough, 1967.

Fluid Journey
Peter Clifton
Transition period for short-boards in Hawaii and California.
Surfing by Nat Young, Bob McTavish, Russell Hughes, Jeff Hakman, Skip Frye and Corky Carroll

1970 The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
George Greenough, (USA)

Surfing World
 Volume 14 Number 2, 1970.

1970 Evolution
Director/Camera: Paul Witzig
Extra footage: George Greenough
Soundtrack:Taman Shud and Tully (and Ravell)
Surfers: Wayne Lynch, Butch Cooney,Ted Spencer, Nat Young, Midget Farrelly, Skip Frye, Ben Apia, Russell Hughes, Keith Paull, David Nuuihwa,  Reno Aberlira, Joey Cabell, Fred Hemmings, Mike Doyle,  Peter Drouyn, David Treloar, Richard Harvey.
Locations: Victoria, Sydney, France, Morrocco/Portugal, Puerto Rico (World Titles 1968), South Australia, Western Australia  (Australian Titles 1969, Margaret River).

Also see
the one page article by Paul Witzig on his upcoming release, with three frames of Wayne Lynch, in Surf International.
- noted by
Gibus de Soultrait, Surfer's Journal France, in the Surf Blurb, 10 July 2018.

1970 Freeform  Rod Sumpter
(uncredited) soundtrack includes the drum solo from Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.
Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia
Queensland, Australia
Reno Abellira    
Ben Aipa
Rolf Arness
Corky Carroll
Michael 'The Springbok' Esposido
Midget Farrelly
Richard Harvey
Wayne Lynch
David Nuuhiwa
Dennis Pang
Keith Paull
Gavin Rudolph
Col Smith
Paul Strauss
Rod Sumpter
Mike Tabeling
John Witzig
Nat Young

Wayne Lynch in Winkipop + Nat Young from ' Freeform ' 1970

The poster features world champion,
Rolf Arness and Wayne Lynch.

1970 Solid Glass Tube
Directed by 'Ray Cassidy' (actually Denis McDonald)
Reported, with thanks,  by Greg Clark, Sept 2003...
"On your list of surf movies you appear to have omitted a couple of Australian surf movies from the late sixties or perhaps 1970, one of which was called Solid Glass Tube and was produced by Ray Young ( I think). It was a shocker (out of focus etc) but  I think he produced a few movies around that time. I also vaguely recall reading a surfing article in recent times about Ray Young and how he used a few different names to produce surf movies around that time. You might like to investigate this further."
Corrected entry from Thoms, page 112
1970 Waves of Change
Greg MacGillivray, and Jim Freeman, (USA)
Later released as Sunshine in 1973.

1970 The Natural Art

- Surfing World Volume 14 Number 2, 1970.

1971 Sea of Joy
Paul Witzig
Sea of Joy Trailer (1971)

Sea of Joy, a film by Paul Witzig.
Staring Wayne Lynch, Nat Young and Ted Spencer and many more.
Filmed in Australia, Mauritius, South Africa, Oahu and Kauai.
Original soundtrack by Tully.
Avalable now on DVD from select stores and WITZIG.COM.AU

Tully - Sea of Joy, Part 1 [Official Video]
Note: 02:35 Nat Young on 8ft yellow round-tail, Africa?

Tully: I Feel the Sun From "Sea of Joy"

Ted Spencer and Wayne Lynch, Mauritius
1971 Cosmic Children

Hal Jepsen
1971 Ecstacy

Colin Turner
Footage of the 1971 Australian Titles at Bell's Beach.
1971 Pacific Vibrations
John Severson

1971 Family Free

Bob Evans
1971 Tracks

Bob Evans
- Advertised on back cover Tracks (magazine) #6, March 1971.

1971 Seadreams
1972 The Islands

Paul Witzig
1972 Morning of the Earth
Albert Falzon


Australian Screen
Tracks Number 19, January 1972, pages 16-17.

Photos of Chris Brock from Morning of the Earth (Angourie sequence).
Tracks February 1972

1972 Five Summer Stories
Greg MacGillivray, and Jim Freeman, (USA)
First edition.
Soundtrack by Honk.

The poster and the soundtrack album featured a blond surfer presenting a square purple bar of surf-wax, undoubtedly a block of Waxmate by Surf Research.

1972 The Freedom Riders
Film by Bruce Dowse
Music by Led Zeppelin
Featuring George Greenough and Wayne Lynch
Released by Associated Screen Arts

1972 Rainbow Bridge
Jimi Hendrix concert and surfing footage shot on Maui in 1970.

Our Day In The Sun is a surfing movie filmed in the early 1970s in Australia.
It features some of the best surfers of that era: Nat Young, Wayne Lynch, Ian Cairns, Mark Richrads, David Treloar and many others.
It was filmed by Phil &  Russell Sheppard and Bruce Usher.

1973 Zephyr
Yuri Farant
mainly Hawaii with focus on Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell
1973 Sunshine Sea

Greg MacGillivray, and Jim Freeman, (USA)
Previously released as Waves of Change
1973 Red Hot Blue

1973 In Natural Flow
Steve Core, first commericial release.
See Steve's web page:
Utmost Spirit
1973 A Sea for Yourself
1973 Drouyn

Bob Evans
High light:Peter Drouyn’s backhand attack at Tamarin Bay, Mauritius, west coast Africa, Canary Islands, Morocco, southern France, Japan and / or Bali (?).
Other surfers Bruce Channon, Brett Evans.
1973 Rolling Home

Paul Witzig
Australian travelogue with limited surfing sequences (10%) almost exclusively featuring Reno Abelliro at Eyre Penisular, South Australia and Margret River.
Premiere Sydney Opera House 28 November 1973 ?
1973  Crystal Voyager
Alby Falzon.
Portrait of  George Greenough as surfer, fisherman, sailor, designer and builder.
Apart from a crowded Rincon sequence, the only surfers are George Greenough (mat and spoons, red and black) , Nat Young (8 ft Pat Morgan Surfboards Keel, green) and Ritchie West ( 6 ft egg, clear).
Locations: Northern Califorinia and Channel Islands.
Final sequence was Greenough’s Echoes, see below.

1973 Echoes

George Greenough, (USA), insert in Falzon’s Crystal Voyager.
Edited surfer’s view water footage of Rincon and Lennox Head developed from the previous ‘Coming of the Dawn’ / Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, 1969.
Music by Pink Floyd. 
1973 A Winter’s Tale
Phil and Russell Sheppard / Bruce Usher Films.
Queensland, NSW North and South coast, Bells.
Neilson Bros, Bob McTavish, Nat Young, Simon Andereson, Peter Cornish, Terry Fitzgerald, Grant Oliver, Midget Farrelly, Colin Smith (NN)
Gisborne (?), NZ. : Ian Goodacre 
Jeffries Bay, South Africa: Piers Pittard
Pipeline: Larry Bertleman, Buffalo K, Ben Apia / Makaha. Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, Owl Chapman, Sammy Hawke, Booby Jones, Mike Larmont.

A Winters Tale Part 1 - 1974 Nat Young Scott Anderson Col Smith
A Winters Tale Pt 2 - 1974 Midget Farlew Frank Latta John Spence The Misty Islands Terry Fitzgerald

1973 Saltwater Wine

Alan Rich

This classic surf travel movie from the early 70's documents explorer Nick Beck's around the world voyage, featuring a wide variety of wave riders and surf spots from the entire planet on many classic days in South Africa with John Whitmore, Raglan, New Zealand with Alan Byrne, , Sydney, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast of Noosa Australia with Bob Mc Tavish, Mauritius, Waimea with Jose Angel and some mad chargers, , Pipeline, Makaha, Diamond Head and all over Hawaii, France, Spain, England...  Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer influenced a lot of surfers and filmmakers and you can see the influence here.

1975 Oceans
Rodney Sumpter
South Africa
Gavin Randolph
Owl Chapman
Gerry Lopez
Barry Kanauaupuni
Rory Russell
Peter Drouyn
Paul Neilsen
Keith Paull
Brad McCall (California)

Tony (?) Hardy
? Scott

1974 On Any Morning

David Sumpter, (also Oceans? Rodney/David).
SURFERS: Nat Young (pintail), Wayne Lynch (Pat Morgan Surfboards Keel), Kim ‘Fly’ Bradley, Lopez (Lightning Bolt Surfboards Pin), Hakman, Drouyn, MP, Fitzgerald (sprayed Brewer Pin), Neilson Brothers (Tri fin). Note 1st leg ropes.
LOCATIONS: Whale Beach,Avalon, Wreck Bay, North Narrabeen, Fairy Bower, NZ, Kuta, Ullawatu, horrible old ski footage, Burleigh Heads.
CONTESTS: 1st Coke 1974 
1974 July Drouyn and Friends,
Bob Evans

1974 Fluid Drive
1974  Hot Lips and Inner Tubes
1975 Tales From the Tube

Bob Cording and Jerry Humpries.
Australian Premier 9th April 1975, Alhamba Theatre, Brisbane. 
1975 Circumfusion

Associated Screen Arts;
Michael Peterson / Snapper , Maurice Cole, Terry Fitzgerald and David Treloar / Queenscliffe, Kris Puckeridge; hang gliding, trailbikes.
Premier: Manly Silver Screen, 26th June 1975. 
1975 Ocean Rythms

Steve Core, second and final commercial release.
See Steve's web page Utmost Spirit
1975 Liquid Space

Dale Davis
SURFERS : David Nuuhiwa, Rory Russell, Owl Chapman, Jim Blears, Tony Wright, Mike Purpus, Angie Reno, Jeff Hakman. Hawaii 
1975 Rolling Home

Paul Witzig
1975 Five Summer Stories : Plus

Greg MacGillivray, and Jim Freeman, (USA)
Updated release.
1975 Liquid Gold

Harry Hodge
1976 Supersession

Hal Jepson
SURFERS : Gerry lopez, Jeff Hakmann, Larry Bertlemann, Barry Kanianapui, Rory Russell. LOCATIONS : Hawaii, Uluwatu 
1976 Drift Away

Richard Bradley,
Premier : Sydney Opera House 14th December 1976

1976 Tubular Swells
Dick Hoole and Jack McCoy,
SURFERS : Tony Etherington, Terry Richardson, Peter McCabe, Richard Harvey, Ian Cairns, Mark Richards, Rabbit Batholomew, Shaun Tomson, Michael Tomson 
LOCATIONS : Bali, Australia, Hawaii,

1976 A Matter of Style
Steve Soderberg, 
SURFERS : Shaun Tomson, Terry Fitzgerald, other Australians. 
LOCATIONS : California, Hawaii

1976 Going Surfing
Bud Browne
includes historical retrospective
1977 Five Summer Stories plus Four
Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman
1977 Highway One
Steve Otton, 
Adventures of a group of surfers who travel the coast surfing and showing ‘Morning of the Earth’ Premier: Sydney Opera House January 1977

1977 Free Ride
Bill Delany , water footage by Dan Merkel.
Surfers : Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards and Rabbit Batholomew.
Free Ride 1977 - Victoria , Australia - Randi Rarick , Shaun Thomson , Rory Russell , Peter Townend

*The definite film of this period, below Phil Byrne 1-8.

1977 Fantasea
Greg Huglin
Also George Greenough and Peter Crawford, Animation by Rick Sharp.
Fantasea was filmed in South Africa, Hawaii, Australia and California from 1976-1979 and features Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby Owens, Buzzy Kerbox, Tony White, Simon Anderson, Chris Byrne, Ricky Rasmussen, Andrew McKinnon and Mark Warren at Jeffreys Bay in July 1977, perhaps the best 10 days ever.
South African Gavin Rudolph, Shaun and Michael Tomson at Cave Rock in Durban.
Mark Richards riding his first early twinfin in Hawaii.
Simon Anderson testing his early Thrusters at Pipeline.(??)
Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Dane Kealoha and Mark Lydell riding perfect V-land.
Colin Smith at Pipeline, Steve Butterworth at Summercloud Bay in Australia.
Rory Russell and Gerry Lopez at Pipeline 1978.
Mark Foo disco dancing and surfing at Burleigh.
George Greenough and Paul Gross airmat riding perfect California.
Peter Townend, Jeff Crawford, Jackie Dunn, Michael Ho and a cast of thousands on the North Shore.
- theSURFnetwork

Fantasea - Part 1
Fantasea - Part 2
Fantasea - Part 3
Fantasea - Part 4

Out-takes from Fantasea, released 2018:
Jefferys Bay, 1977.
00.00 - 03.10: Andrew McKinnon, Peter Crawford and Simon Anderson at Angourie.
03.11: Jefferys Bay- Terry Fitzgerald, Reno Abellira, Buzzy Kerbox, Bobby Owens, Rick Rasmussen, Simon Anderson,Tony White, Critta Byrne, and Andrew McKinnon.

Andrew McKinnon-Tony White-Surfing Mauritius- August 1977

Also see:
Nat Young-Surfing Rincon-1978

1977 Playgrounds in Paradise
Alan Rich 
1978 Standing Room Only
16:40 Backside at Pipeline- Rabbit, Shaun Tomson, Jeff Hakman, and Owl Chapman (at 18:14) who takes off, bottom turns and after assuming his drop-knee hood-ornament pose in the curl, stands and turns backwards then wipes out as he steps backwards onto the nose.

Owl Chapman, Pipeline, circa 1974.
Surfer Archives

1978 The New Playgrounds in Paradise
Alan Rich 
Reported, with thanks, by Alan Rich, July 2003....
'' The New Playgrounds in Paradise which was released in 1978"'
1979 Fall Line
Nat Young, Core, Steve??

1981 Wizards of the Water
Alan Rich 
Reported, with thanks, by Alan Rich, July 2003.... 
 '' Wizards of the Water ... was released on 14 December 1981 at the Sydney Opera House Music Room.'

1982 Storm Riders 
Hoole / McCoy
1982 Band on the Run
Harry Hodge
1985 A History of Australian Surfing
Nat Young
1987 Blown Away!
Paul Witzig

Here is what I guess would be a 1983 video, probably just before or after the 1983 Rip Curl Wave Classic in Torquay. The sails appear 1983. I recognise in the video the Gaastra Powerhead Wave sails with Rainbow used by others (a 1983 issue) and it is definitely pre 1984. It is noted Fraser Black is using a Bombora rope universal provided to him possibly by Mark Paul. Good shots of Diamond Head. Notice Fraser is not using a harness.
Would be good to see this again on the big screen, was the first windsurfing movie I ever saw as a teen. It may of had a Diamond Head section along with riding The Door, McTavish's Stingray looking board & Greenoughs spoon board with stainless fin.


Wind Legends Wave One: Part One

Windsurf - 1980s - Riding the Wind with Fraser Black

Windsurf 1980s Blowing Out Robby Naish Karl Messmer - Pan Am Cup and North Shore
Classic VHS 1980's windsurf video - First part is the Pan Am Cup which was the premier windsurf event of its time. Second Part is Robby Naish wave jumping at Diamond head with Karl Messmer on early prototypes of Mistral take off.
Last Part is taken at the North Shore with Robby on proto Mistral Take off.
Other Sailors possibly Cort Larned (blue and yellow sail), Ken Winner (all yellow sail and board) and Malte Simmer on first fat head sails with yellow swallow tail board.

1989 Surfers, The Movie
Bill Delaney 
1992 Down The Line (Video) 
Paul Witzig 
1995 Legends, An Australian Surfing Perspective
Roy Norris 
1996 Endless Summer 2
Bruce Brown and Dana Brown1996  Can’t step Twice (on the same piece of water) Video 
Alby Falzon
Noted by Guy Finlay, 6 June 2003 :

Hi geoff,
My name is Guy Finlay and I was looking through your site recently and noticed that there was a gap in your lists of surf films/videos.

It was in 1988 that I linked up with Tim Bonython ( a nightmare in itself!) and filmed, produced and directed Water Slaughter and Strikeforce.
At the time they were the state of the art of surf film and
we were, as Australians, sticking it up the americans again.
I made the
comment on the cover of the video slick that " Austaralians are the best surfers in the world" and they were at that time where the Top 16 were all Aussies.

When I went to the states with the tapes in June, 1988  the distributors nearly didn,t take it up because of that statement!

Recently Albie Thoms wrote his book and contacted Tim for info on these two films but unfortunately for him and anyone that deals with Tim he got the  "Tim is the god of all surfilm makers" stream and did not get the truth of how these two film/videos were made.

I have contacted Albie and given him the facts with regard to the production and I hope that if there is ever a reprint of his book that they can add more information.

If you are still into it I can help with more info about surf films and videos from the inside.
regards, Guy Finlay.

u-toobe The Hot Generation Evolution

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