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"The heads of the Shoalhaven River with Coolangatta in the right foreground and the settlement of
Shoalhaven Heads among the trees in the left centre in 1964."
Photograph : William A. Bayley
Printed in  William A Bayley : Shoalhaven - History of the Shire of Shoalhaven NSW
Shoalhaven Shire Council, Nowra 1975. page 17. 

Boardriders at Shoalhaven Heads, circa 1964.
Photograph : Unknown, Paul Flack Collection.
Ewin Poulton
(possibly Clyde) 
Paul Flack
Terry Prebble
Jack Jennings
Ian Lloyd
Scott Dillon
Metal Foil Decal
Purchased from 
Berry Street, Nowra.
Owned by
Danny Prebble
Gordon Woods
Five stringer
Custom order
42 pounds.
Graham King
Five stringer
Owned by
Ricky Johnson
Re-jigged fin
Owned by
Terry Prebble
Gordon Woods
Bought second hand 
by Paul Flack for 
10 pounds, then onsold 
to several riders.

Paul Flack, Shoalhaven Heads,
circa 1964.

Gordon Woods 
Five stringer Surfboard with D fin.

Photographs : Unknown.
Paul Flack Collection.

The board was a custom order
from the Brookvale 
factory for approximately 42 pounds.

Tony Matthew and early Woody surfboard,
Shoalhaven Heads, circa 1972.

Photograph courtesy of
Michael Armitage.

Shoalhaven River Mouth, circa 1976-77.
Photograph :Peter Hitchen

Shoalhaven Heads Surf Life Saving Club and Coolangatta Mountain, 1986.
Photograph :Geoff Cater

Garry Marshall cutback, Shoalhaven Heads,1985.
Photograph :Isle

Tony Matthew, Shoalhaven Heads,1983.
Photograph :Isle

Comerong Island Breakwater, 1986.
Photograph :Geoff Cater

Geoff Cater, Shoalhaven Heads,1982.
Photograph :Isle

Eric Hollinger, Shoalhaven Heads,1985.
Photograph :Geoff Cater

 Shoalhaven River Mouth, circa 1992.
Photograph :John McInnes.

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