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shoalhaven river heads, 1988-1993
shoalhaven river heads, 1988-1993.
seven mile beach south coast nsw australia

The action photographs were taken over a four year period.
The surfing was mostly shot during winter westerlies and the sailboarding in summer north-easters.

 The crude map circa 1990, left, indicates the general typography 
and the locations from which the photographs were taken.

The aerial photographs are from the Shoalhaven City Council 
Shoalhaven River Entrance Management Plan, 2012. 


Sailboardriders, Shoalhaven Heads Whalf, circa 1986.
Bruce Wibriham (x2), Troy Wilbriham, Hobie Cat.

Closed  1986, SCC.
Shoalhaven Heads - Closed , Low Tide, from River Road, circa Summer 1987.

Shoalhaven Heads Opening 
April 1988

Shoalhaven Heads, Low 
Tide, from River Road, 
circa Winter 1988.

Shoalhaven Heads, 
High Tide, from River Road, 
circa Spring 1988.

Bruce Wibriham, Paul Flack.

Open  1989, SCC.
Bombie, Rights and Lefts, from River Road, circa  Winter 1989.

 Bombie Left, Water shot, circa 1989.

Paul Flack x5, The Slot, from North Arm, circa Summer 1989.

Geoff x3, The Slot, from North Arm , circa Summer 1989.

Kym Wilson, Bombie, #1, from Sandhills, circa 1990.

Kym Wilson, Bombie, #2 - Cutback, from Sandhills, circa 1990.

Three wave set, Point Perpendicular and Crookhaven Lighthouse,  from Sandhills, circa 1991.
Open  1991, SCC.
Paul Flack, from Inside Bombie, circa 1991.

Paul Flack, from Inside Bombie, circa 1992.



Two wave sequence, 
 from Sandhills
circa 1992.



Nick Dejong , The Slot, circa 1993.

Terry Gallagher, Paul Flack, Warren Holder, Eric Hollinger, The Slot, from South Arm , circa 1993.

Paul Flack x 2, The Slot, from South Arm , circa 1993.

The Slot, from South Arm, circa 1993.
Warren Holder (inside gybe), Terry Gallagher x2.
Closing  1993, SCC.
Closed  1996, SCC.

Warren Holder gybe, The Slot, from North Arm, circa 1994.

Eric Hollinger x3, from Inside Bombie, circa 1994.

 Five wave set,  from Sandhills, circa 1990.
Photograph :John McInnes.

"The heads of the Shoalhaven River with Coolangatta in the right foreground and the settlement of
Shoalhaven Heads among the trees in the left centre in 1964."
Photograph : William A. Bayley
William A Bayley : Shoalhaven - History of the Shire of Shoalhaven NSW
Shoalhaven Shire Council, Nowra 1975. page 17. 
Crude Map, 
Shoalhaven River Mouth, circa 1990.

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Geoff Cater (2012) : Shoalhaven River Heads