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australian bodyboard championships 2000
Heads surfer Michael Chapple came 10th in the Australian national bodyboard Championships at Yorke Penisular in South Australia. He qualifified with a 4th place in the South Coast Titles and a 5th in the New South Wales Championships.

Photograph : South Coast Register Dec 20, 2000

 club rankings 2000
Matt Shirlaw 1st , Nick Dejong 2nd , Woody 3rd
followed by maybe - not in order -
Gavin, ,Chopper, Che,
Gus by a fair bit.
Nick DeJong 1st
Presentation for 2000 Season  Saturday 17th December 2001
7.30 pm Surf club. (pending)

1999 club rankings
still waitng, still waiting

 Tim Harvey Memorial
1998 : Matt Shirlaw
1999 :

Vic Zealand Memorial 1982-1988
1980 :  Steve Buchanan
Junior Mark Jameson
1981 : Mark Jameson
Mark Jameson 1, Tony Matthew 2, Jeff Fox 3.
Junior Garry Marshall 1, Mark Cruickshank 2, Paul Stevens 3.
1982 : Glen Elliott
1983 : Glen Elliot

Possible others - Glen Solway, Tony Mathew, Gary Marshall, the guy from Tasmania
who came up with Milch (no, not Errol Flynn).

1988 : Geoff Cater

Club Champions
1981: Steve Buchanan
1982 : Glen Elliott
1983 : Peter Hitchen
1984 : Peter Zealand,  Junior Eric Boardman
1985 : Tony Matthew,   Junior Darren Button
1986 : Garry Marshall,  Junior Craig Button
1987 : Peter Hitchen,  Junior Shane Leach
1988 : Geoff Cater,  Junior Eric Hollinger
1999 :
2000 : Matt Shirlaw

Contest Rules

1. The Contest Director will decide the venue, starting time and the heat times.
2. Competitors will enter the water only with the Contest Director’s permission.
3. Competitors will report for judging.
4. There is a drop-in rule.
5. The Contest Director’s decision will be final.
 Notes :
1. Three judges and a spotter per heat.
2. Heats will be drawn at random.
3. Best three waves and score out of 20 per wave
4. Heats minimum 20 minutes
5. 5 minute warning flag
6. Heat 3 contestants will judge Heat 1, Heat 2 contestants will judge the last heat.
7. Be on time.
8. The Contest Director will collate the results and submit them at the next meeting

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