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weber surfboards : pig, 1971. 

Dewey Weber Surfboards : Year of the Pig, 1971.
Dewey Weber Surfboards : Year of the Pig.

Volume 12 Number 2, May 1971.

The Pig, or Egg,  template was a popular small wave design following the end of the transition era (1967-1969), initially identified by boards designed and ridden by Nat Young and Wayne Lynch.
By 1971 it was widely used in
Australia and on both coasts of the USA, as in this advertisement by California's Weber Surfboards, as ridden by East Coast surfer, Mike Tabeling.
The Pig template, round nose and tail with the widest point towards the tail (negative), had been used in the late 1950s, generally accredited to Dale Velzy.

The Pig was featured in one photograph on the cover, along with another popular design often called the Pocket Rocket or Mini-Gun or Speed-Board,
particularly favoured in Hawaii for its large and/or powerful waves. 
In 1970 the two alternative designs were compared and analysed  by Bob McTavish in an article for Surfer, titled Streaks and Slugs.

Demonstrating the wide range of surf craft at the time, Weber Surfboards also offered the
low-priced Easy Rider, Knee Machines, and Bellyboards.
Similarly, the Merritt company's range included Belly-boards (39" and 48"), the Knee Machine (54"), and the 71" Mini Surfboard.

There were also an advertisements for the popular Twin-fin and the new Super Waxmate, see below.

The magazine included a full page illustration, Grant me Lord ... just a closer walk with thee, by in-house artist Rick Griffin, who became a born again Christian in November 1970.
Apparently inspired by the biblical account of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee
(circa 32 AD), a theme commercially exploited in 2007 by Sea of Galileee Surf Wax.

Also see:
Bob McTavish : Streaks and Slugs.
Surfer Tips : Number Forty Five, Surfer  Volume 11 Number 2 May 1970, pages 27 and 29.
Dale Velzy and The Pig

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Mike Tabeling, Sebastian Inlet, Florida.

Weber Power Fin, 11"        Optional air-lift bottoms
it's the year of the
It's short and "squatty" - a radical board built for radical positions.
The simplicity design makes high performance easy on the PIG.
The shortness adds manouvreability and the width back from center puts it right under your feet.
The wide area pointed tail gives you the lift for increased planing and high speed control with no tail spin.
In small, slow, sloppy surf the PIG generates its own power and is loose and free.
The large super-stiff fin generates power, quicker pivots, and longer drives.
The large single fin eliminates the slippage, drift and loss of power common on a wide tail board using a small fin or fins.
In more powerful and/or larger waves you can execute all the maneuvers done in smaller waves without high-speed skitter.
Ride it tight, out in front, high, low and put it all together ...  the performance, stability, speed, power and thrust are all there with no hang-ups.
The PIG is an honest approach to total high performance hot-dogging in all varying wave conditions.
PlG demonstrators are available at your local Weber shop.

Super-full PIG - for those who prefer 5 ft or so and under
New fiberglass stringers: twice as light, twice as strong
New Weber Power Fin; 11" super stiff.
Fiberglass stringers with lightweight multi-color clusters are featured on the PIG.
For those with a budget, see the new low-priced Easy Rider, Knee Machines, and Bellyboards.

Dewey Weber Surfboards
Hermosa Beach, California.

Australian Designs                                                                                                        California

Pig, 1959

Egg (Pig), 1969

Side-Slipper, 1969

Twin-fin, 1970

Single Fin Pig and Twin-fins,
Surfboards Australia (California), 1971.

Bob McTavish:
Big Mac and Power Dude, 1970.

age 26

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Grant me Lord ... just a closer walk with thee ...
Illustration by Rick Griffin.

The House of Wax: Sea of Galileee Surf Wax, 2007.

Cover Shots:                                                                                                                                                                                                    Weber Surfboards Advertisement:

Pocket Rocket, Honolua Bay? Dick Brewer?

Mike Tabeling, Weber Pig ?

Pig: Mike Tabeling, Sebastian Inlet, Florida.

Volume 12 Number 2, May 1971.

Honolua Bay?
Mike Tabeling, Weber Pig?


Geoff Cater (2020) : Dewey Weber Surfboards : Year of the Pig, 1971.