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surfer : australia photos, 1962-1963. 

Surfer Magazine : Australia, 1962-1963.
North Narrabeen Copacabana Dee Why Point. Queensland Crescent Head

A selection of photographs
accompanying a regular Down Under column, devoted to surfing in Australia, mostly attributed to Ron Perrott.

For some other material from the edition with North Narrabeen, see
John Severson : Sunset Beach, 1961-2.
The Queensland section includes two photographs of Kirra featuring a female surfer in a white bikini, only identified as Helen.

There are also some extra photographs from the August-September edtiion, including one exceptionally casual shot of Phil Edwards at Haleiwa - on the nose, going left, hands by sides, and a foot on each rail.
Also, the centrefold of a Californian kayak surfer is highly unusual.

Surfer, August-September 1962
Volume 3 Number 3

Page 23
Down Under: North Narrabeen.
Photographs by Ron Perrott.

Colin Taylor drives across a long, left wall
at North Narrabeen in Australia.
His really locked-in on this perfectly shaped
"Narra" wave.

Riding likes there's no tomorrow is
Gordon Simpson.
Gordon is eyeing the wave in preparation
for a last final quasimoko-kamakazi type

Dave (Jacko-the Bombora) Jackman rides at the
bottom of this North Narrabeen crusher.

Jackman is noted for taking off in the most
critical possible positions.

At this point Jacko has himself in a pretty impossible position.
Situated in the center of the 20-mi!e strip of "Northern beaches" is North Narrabeen, a spot famous for its consistent, all-year surf.
"Narra* is at its best in the winter months (Australian winter - April through August}, when offshore winds combine with long, easterly swells to provide an almost perfect-shaped wave.
In a small surf, the right hand slide offers the most challenge.
However, when the surf gets over eight feet the situation is reversed and the left handers form into long, tubing walls with complete destruction awaiting the surfers in the shorebreak.
These top-to-boltom waves are up to a quarter of a mile long.
Narrabeen has become a yard slick for comparing other Sydney surf.
Most of the top surfers make a point of checking out North Narrabeen before looking elsewhere and the opinion of most surfers is that without "North Narra" things would be pretty grim.     Continued page 25

Page 25

At a smaller size the North Narraheen "rights" are considered the quality wave of the northern beaches and "Midget" Farrelly is considered one of the quality surfers of Australia.

The "Midget" squats through a perfectly shaped "Narra" right.

Surfer, February-March 1963.
Page 42

Down Under: Copacabana.
Photographs by Ron Perrott.

John "Ugh" Andreas
Mick Dooley watching.

Page 42

Robert "Pupy dog" Patton
Page 43

John "Ugh" Andreas

Surfer, April-May 1963.

Page 47

Down Under: Dee Why Point.

Fred Lister comes from behind on his nine-foot hotdog board at Dee Why Point, October 22, 1962.
The two surfers on the outside are unidentified.
He made the wave- a tribute to the hotdog board in big surf.

Photograph by Ron Perrott.

Surfer, June-July 1963.
 Down Under: The Queensland Rush.

Midget Farrelly, Currumbin. Photograph by John 'Wheels' Williams

The Pass, Byron Bay.
Photograph by John 'Wheels' Williams.

'Horrie' Budd, Kirra, June 1962.
Photograph by Peter Barrett.

Page 46
Alan Balmer, Kirra.      Tony Sutton, Kirra.

Unknown, Kirra.

2 Unknown, John Cunningham, Helen, Mal Sutherland and 'Horrie' Budd, Kirra.
Photographs by Peter Barrett.

Currumbin. Photograph by Geoff Goldy.

Helen, Kirra.

Surfer, October-November 1963.
Volume 3 Number 4

Down Under: Crescent Head.
Artie Taylor

Photographs by Ron Perrott.

Surfer, August-September 1963
Volume 3 Number 3

Page 16
These featured surfers prefer ...

Jacobs Surfboards
Hermosa Beach, California.

Bill Fury - Seal Beach

Johnny Fain - Malibu

"Kimo" Hollenger - Hawaii
Page 17


Phil Edwards: Haleiwa
Photo: Bruce Brown

Cecil Baggs: Makaha Shorebreak
Photo: Ron Church


Kayak - Canoe Rider

  May 1963
John Peck: Banzai Pipeline.

June-July 1963
Sammy Lee: Ala Moana.

Surfer v4 n5? 1963 August-September
Surfer October-November 1963
 Volume 4 Number 6


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