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Mike Doyle, Makaha, circa 1958, Surfer Archives

  Phil Ewards and Baby, 
Makaha, circa 1959.
Both images, uncredited, accompanied 
Bob Cooper : Magic
.Surfing World, 
Volume 14 Number 4
circa August 1970, 
pages 14 to 17

Waikiki Surf Club Presents ...
9th Annual International Surfing Championships.
Makaha Beach.
January 6-7 and 13-14, 1962.
Program Cover.

Hobie Alter, Makaha, 1961.

Hobie Surfboards was one of the supporters of the contest,
The program included photographs of Hobie and the head of the Honolulu branch, George Downing.

George Downing, Makaha, 1961.

The program included a map of Makaha Point on page 6,
with the location of the judges stands and marker buoys, subject to surf conditions.

Midget Farrelly and Spinner, 
Makaha Contest 1962-1963
.Surfer Magazine, Volume 5 Number 1
February - March 1964 page 30
Photograph : Uncredited

Fred Hemmings riding huge Makaha Point surf, circa 1964.
Unusual water shot by Dr Don James.
From Margan and Finney, page 228.

Joey Cabell and Mini-Gun,
Makaha, 1969. 
Photograph :  Leroy Grannis
   Surfing Magazine March 1984 
Volume 20 Number 3 
Centre Fold Out Poster

"Shooting the 'Bowl' at Makaha required that the alma (outrigger) be specially rigged on the right side."
Makaha, circa 1976.
Photograph : Tommy Holmes' collection.
Image and caption : Holmes, page 108.

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