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Comic Books.
A chronological assortment of surfboard illustrations from comic books, mostly the covers.
The use of a surfing image on the cover, however, rarely indicates that there is surfing content in the comic book's stories.
Many of the illustrations have the surfboard riding on the back of the curl, and not on the wave face.
Starting from 1943, there are a large number of Archie comic books, a long running series focused on American teenage culture.
Some images link to footnotes or a relevant website.
The entries exclude actual surfing comic books and The Silver Surfer, except for the first issue of August 1968.

Recommended resource:

Mickey Mouse Annual 1938-1939
Walt Disney
Dean Books

Walt Disney Treasures - Hawaiian Holiday (1937)

Disney 50th Anniversary


New Adventure Comics
Number 18, August 1937

Fiction House:
Planet Stories
Number 9, Winter 1941.

Number 140, September 1943.

Funny Frolics
Number 5, 1946.

Tip Top Comics
Number 132, July 1947.

The Hotspur 
Number 620, July 1948.

World's Finest Comics
Number 36, September 1948

4 Most

March-April 1949

Miss Beverly Hills of Holywood

Number 4, Sept-October 1949

The Hotspur 
No. 712. July 1st 1950.

Little Dot

Number 144, July 1953

Walt Disney's Duck Album
Number 492, 1953

R. Dirks:
The Captain and the Kids
, 1960.

On his day off, Mike Nelson likes to
 surf at San Onofre,
with his buddy,
Bobo Wade
. but ...

Sea Hunt
Number 4, January-March 1960.

Wonder Woman
Number 133, October 1962.

Man's True Danger

December 1962

Magilla Gorilla: The Surfboard Bug
September 10, 1964

Romantic Secrets
Number 51, September 1964.

Fox and the Crow
Number 92, September 1965.

The Adventures of Bob Hope
Number 94, September 1965.

Man's Darling: The Surfboard Jungle
September 1965.

Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny
Number 62, September 1965

Patsy Walker: Queen of the Surfers

Number 124, December 1965.

Beach Blanket Bingo
Dell, July-Sept, 1965.

Horror of Party Beach

Ghostly Tales: Phantom Surfer
Number 71, January 1966

The Adventures of Bob Hope

Number 101, November 1966. (Notes)

Patsy and Hedy: Career Girls
#106, June 1966


Number 21, August 1966

Number 137, October 1966

Number 137, October 1966

For Men Only: The Hell Surfers.
July 1967

Male Magazine: The Surf Pack Assassins
August 1967

Jack and Jill Magazine
Saturday Evening Post Co., September, 1967.

Wendy - The Good Little Witch
February, 1968.

Bunny,Number 5
Harvey Comics,  Oct 1968.

Tippy Teen

September, 1968

Pep: Archie Series.
Volume 1 Number 221, September 1968.

Number 185, September 1968.

Capt. Savage & His Leatherneck Raiders
October 1968.

Old Master Q (Lao Fu Zi), 1968.

Chinese comic book, the panels read from right to left.

R. Dirks: The Captain and the Kids

United Features Syndicate, 1968.

Teen Age Love

Number 59, July 1968.

The Silver Surfer
Number 1, August 1968.

The World of Archie
Giant Series, Number 156, 1968.

Betty and Veronica
Number 195, September 1969

Reggie and Me
Number 37, September 1969

Surf n' Wheels

Number 1 November 1969

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories

Number 395, August 1970

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
1983: recoloured from Number 395, 1970

Archie's Joke Book

Number 152, September 1970

Number 235, October 1970

Yogi Bear's Summer Fun


Teen Age Love

Number 69, March 1970.

Teen-Age Love
Number 78, September 1971

Walt Disney's Super Goof

Number 16, February 1971

Bullwinkle and Rocky
Number 6, January 1972.

Wacky Witch
July 1972.

Teen-Age Pebbles and Bamm Bamm

November 10, 1972.

Bugs Bunny Vacation Funnies
July, 1973.

Monster Fun Comic: Gums
Number 35, February 1976

The House of Mystery
Number 247, November 1976

Denis the Menace in Hawaii - Maui


Number 298, 1980

Wendy- The Good Little Witch:
The Talking Surfboard

Advertisment for Hostess Twinkies,1977

Archie Comics Digest

Number 44, October 1980

Betty and Me
Number 122, 1981


Number 241, September 1983  

Scooby-Doo : The Surf Scare
Picture Clue Book Number 18
M Scholastic, Level 1, 2003.
24 Flash Cards Inside!

The Hotspur 
Number 620, July 1948.
Number 712. July 1st 1950. 

The Hotspur was a boys' story paper published by D. C. Thomson, London, from 1933 to 1959 before it was relaunched as a comic in 1959.
Initially called the New Hotspur, it ceased publication in January 1981.

Sea Hunt
Number 4, January-March 1960
Dell Comics
Shark Surf: Story by Eric Freiwald and Robert Schaefer, Art by Russ Manning.

Sea Hunt
was an
American television series starring Lloyd Bridges as former US Navy frogman, Mike Nelson that aired from 1958 to 1961.
The series served as a stepping stone for some of Hollywood's most notable actors, including Bridges' own sons, Beau and Jeff.

The Adventures of Bob Hope
The comic was first published in February 1950 by DC comics and ran for over 100 issues until February 1968.
Hope was a major star up to the 1960s, his films (and the comic book covers) invariably featured an attractive woman, most famously
Dorothy Lamour.

Number 94, September 1965
Missile Beach Party:
Muscle Beach Party (1964) starred Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello and featured Dick Dale and the Del-Tones and "Little" Stevie Wonder, aged thirteen.
Number 101, November 1966.
Let's hit the surf, Murph: Murph the Surf (Jack Roland Murphy) was involved in the notorious burglary of the Star of India diamond on October 29, 1964.

Man's Darling

September 1965.
Artwork by John Duillo.
An illusory or fake book cover for a magazine story, The Surfboard Jungle.
The title is probably an homage to the seminal 1955 novel about teenage juvenile delinquents The Blackboard Jungle, by Evan Hunter (Ed McBain).
The subhead of the 2-page interior spread for this story says:
With fists and whips these savage girls and men turned a beautiful stretch of sandy shore into Hell’s Beachhead!
Robert Deis: The Men's Adventure Magazine Blog

Ghostly Tales
Number 71, January 1966
Cover by Jim Aparo, Phantom Surfer drawn by Steve Ditko.

For Men Only
July 1967
Cover: The Hell Surfers.
Illustration by Mort Kunstler.

Robert Deis: The Men's Adventure Magazine Blog

August 1967.
Roland Empey (Walter Kaylin): The Surf Pack Assassins
Illustrations by Earl Norem
Robert Deis: The Men's Adventure Magazine Blog

The Silver Surfer
Number 1, August 1968.
The Silver Surfer first appeared in Marvel Comics's Fantastic Four #48, published in 1966.
Created by Jack Kirby, he made his solo debut in the backup story of Fantastic Four Annual #5 (1967) and The Silver Surfer Number 1 appeared in August 1968.
Cover art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

Pep Comics
Archie Comic Publications, New York City
Volume 1 Number 221, September 1968.
Pep Comics 221 was written Joe Edwards, with interior art also by Edwards.
Pep began as an anthology series in 1940, Archie made is first appearance in Pep 22, Archie became so popular that by the mid 1940's he was leading story in Pep Comics, and by the late 40's Pep was all Archie.
Pep lasted until 1987.

Archie Comic Publications, New York City
Number 185, September 1968.
Archie, Betty, Veronica in the first of The Archie's Band comics.

Old Master Q (Lao Fu Zi)
A famed Chinese cartoonist, the panels read from right to left and reprises one of the earliest surfboard-surfing jokes.
The images have been heavily manipulated.
#0783 鬼浪 Monsterous Wave
Sothebys: Original Works by Alphonso Wong, 2014.
Parody of an Old Master Q (Lao Fu Zi) comic.

Super Goof
Number 16, February 1971
Gold Key Comics.
74 issues from
October 1965
to 1984.

Monster Fun Comic: Gums
Number 35, February 1976
Gums is a British comic character: a shark with false teeth.
In 1976, Jaws was all the rage with kids, and British comic Monster Fun – published by IPC – was quick to cash in on the trend.
At the beginning of February 1976, the 35th issue of the comic – which specialised in humour strips with a mild horror flavour – debuted a new strip on the front cover, usurping the previous main strip Kid Kong.


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