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 john ware : fluted diamond tail, 1977 

 John Ware :
Fluted Diamond Tail Kneeboard,1977 

 John Ware : The Fluted Diamond-Tail Kneeboard
Surfing World  magazine
Vol 25 # 3 July 1977 pages 54 - 55.

The Fluted Diamond Tail Kneeboard by John Ware was a variation on Peter Crawford's Slab design that used the stepped bottom feature first noted on John Kelly Jr.'s HydroHull or Scorpion Tail of 1964.
See Sand and Sea, 1965.

This design feature was later applied in 1973 by Ben Apia with his Stinger design that used a step in the bottom at the break in the template line.
See Stinger plans.

Noted on # 206 Express Shapes Four fin Kneeboard, 1985.

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