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 plans and specifications : tinkler tail 
1976 TinklerTail

Surfer magazine
Vol 17 # 2 June/July 1976 page 142
- available with Challanger, Herbie Fletcher and Sunset Surfboards

TinklerTail - a flexible tail section, ajusted by three sprung bolts and covered by a black plastic cowling. Designed and patented (# 3.902207) by Tinkler Brothers, New Zealand, circa 1975 - 1976, and made available as Diamond, Swallow or Flyer Swallow tail add-on to manufacturers.
An extreme of George Greenough/Bob McTavish Flex theory, the appliance's weight negatated any other advantage.
Example at Surfworld Museum, Torquay, by Wayne Lynch, Swallow tail, circa 1978 - loaned by Russell Graham.

Also see:
Paul Holmes : Tinklertail.
The latest breakthrough in surfboard design, Tracks, October 1979, page 11.

"Bob Tinkler started work on perfecting flex in stand up surfboards in 1967 after living and surfing with George Greenough and Bob McTavish in Queens land Australia, And the first custom Tinkler Tail was built in a conventional surfboard design, was the concept of a customizable Tinklertail.
Invented by Bob Tinkler In San Diego 1969 1970 that consisted of a hollow molded surfboard with a bottom tail section embedded in the form, which acted as a resilient adjustable deflection panel.
That assumes variable curves that respond to each individual surfer, based on the water pressure on the tail end of the board.
With USA pat. 5425321. Sail, And Surfboards PPA. International, Pat. Pending.
Bob Tinkler: Shaper, Designer, inventor, in sail and surfboards design
All copyrights reserved.
Contact: www. SurfSyndicate.com or emails to SurfSyndicate@msn.com"
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