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 plans and specifications :terry fitzgerald skitail, 1976

Terry Fitzgerald : Fanger-Skitail, 1976
January 1976  Number 64 page 33.
Photograph by Frank Pithers.


Terry Fitzgerald returned to Australia briefly to spend Christmas with his wife and kids, also to develop his most recent innovation in surfboard design.

In collaboration with Rodney Ball,a surfer/designer from Manly, Fitz designed a smaller version before he went to Hawaii to compete in the Smirnoff and the Pipeline Masters.
The board works well.
Says Terry:
"Instead of drawing an arc along tile bottom when you turn it just slides, then catches and takes off straight up the face, wooooo!!!

This is my gun for inside Sunset".

1. The brief article is devoid of any technical information, similar to Nat Young Backhand, 1976
2. For Rod ball Ski tail, see #227
3.The design is most commonly known as a Ski Tail, and had some application by knee-board designers.

4. Note leg-rope plug for a Sunset board by 1975.

5. The text was set in a graphic of the tail template:

January 1976  Number 64

Terry Fitzgerald : North Narrabeen
Surfing World v22 n4 1976 January

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