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tullemans  : boards with balls, 1977. 

Martin Tullemans : Boards with Balls , 1976.
Martin Tullemans : Boards with Balls

Number 68, May 1976.

An article by staff photographer Martin Tullemans about  insertion of ping-pong balls into a foam blank to reduce weight, and increase floatation, by
Dick Van Straalen, the flying Dutchman of Burleigh.
Unfortunately, only the photographs are reproduced here without the text.
Includes comments by test rider by Rabbit Batholmew.
Illustrating the scepticism and disdain for the newly introduced leg-rope, Van Straalen joked:
They've been taught to stay off rocks and to blow up or self-destruct by uncontrolled ping pong proton fission if you attach a leg rope to them.

Also without the text are photographs from the design page featuring visitors to the annual Bells Beach Contest including Ian Cairns, Mark Warren, Peter Townend and Hawaiians Bobby Owens and Reno Abellira.
Ian Cairns was riding three boards, shaped for him in Hawaii by Tom Parrish, at
7ft 10 x 20", 7ft  6" x 20" and 7ft 0" x 20 1/4".

Other images include two from the Fashion Section, Bellswear, Reno Abellira resplendent in his blue and yellow O'Neill wetsuit bell-bottoms.

Advertising includes a full page ad for the magnificent Tracks Poster Book and The Best of Tracks, Volumes One and Two.
Meanwhile, Craig Leggat
reviews a brand new product, The Tracker Drag Shute, essentially a small parachute designed to deploy on wipe-outs and stop the board heading for the beach.

Page 19
Boards with Balls.
- Martin Tullemans.


Dick Van Straalen

Page 11
Design : Blokes Boards at Bells

Bobby Owens
6ft 11" x 18 1/4"
(shaped by Harold Iggy)
6ft 5" x 18 3/4"

 Reno Abellira and his 5ft 7" Twin Fin.

Peter Townend: Hills Hoist Hang Out
For when there's a little bit of juice ... 7ft 6" x 19 1/4" wide.

Mark Warren and his McCoy Quiver.
6ft 8" rounded pin - 6ft 10" swallow tail - 7ft 2" pintail flyer

Page 13

Reno Abellira in blue and yellow O'Neill wetsuit bell-bottoms.

Michael Ho, other and Michael Peterson,
in Borsolino hat.

Photographs my Martin Tullemans,

Page 31

Best of Tracks Volume 2.
The Tracker Drag Shute

Far right:

Drag Shute  printed package.
Kindly forwarded by Ray Henderson, January 20016.


Number 68
May 1976.


Geoff Cater (2020) : Martin Tullemans : Boards with Balls, 1976.