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  falzon : angourie/greenough, 1969 

Albbert Falzon : Angourie and Greenough, 1969.
Albert Falzon: Angourie- A place to see ... and be.
Albert Falzon: Greenough
Surfing World
Volume 12 Number 5
, 1969


Angourie- A place to see ... and be. Photography
Albert Falzon
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Neil Purchase


George Greenough

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Garry Keys
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The thing that's so good about Angourie is its almost complete seclusion from everything that is not akm to nature.
For several years I have been calling in to surf or photograph the place and it still excites me to drive along the road to the parking area that overlooks the beautiful beach and surf, and even though there are the rutile plants just over the hill and the natural surroundings have changed a bit, it's still a very beautiful place and I love to be there.

It never ceases to amaze me.
Probably out of the dozen or so times that I've been there the surf has only been really bad once and yet Doc. Spence has called in six times and has never seen it good.
He knows the takeoff area only because of the photographs he has seen on the three or four wave deep lineups.

The place has always been the same only the people are different.
Now it seems to be the "fashionable" place to be.
"Fashionable" only from people on the outside.
In any case it doesn't really matter the people are friendly and what the hell.

Last time I was there it was one of those crystal
days that always make you feel good.
The surf was clean and powerful and the air was fresh and out of the wind, over on the far side behind the small grassy hill the sun was warm.

George Greenough and Chris Brock and McTavish and Garry Keys and Neal and Peter were in the water or just walking around the beach.
Some of the sets were 8 feet and it was exciting to see the little boards powering through and under the thick, heavy tubes.
It was also exciting to watch Greenough carving up and over and around the face of every wave he caught.
And McTavish's perfect timing and endless tube rides.
It was good to watch the fluid surfing of Garry and Chris and the "animal" manouvres of Neal and Peter.

Yes Angourie is a good place and if I think back over all the years of travelling the coast and of the hundreds of beaches I've called into and someone were to ask me "Which do you think is the best beach Australia?" taking everything into consideration think I would say Angourie.
Yes I would answer "Angourie."

Peter Cornish
George Greenough

Bob McTavish
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Bob McTavish Bob McTavish
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Bob McTavish

Chris Brock, George Greenough, Garry Keyes and
Bob McTavish.
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Bob McTavish.

Bob McTavish.

Bob McTavish.
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Photography Tanya Binning

        George Greenough does on a bellyboard what everyone else is trying to do.
        He does things with the waves and his board that I have never seen done before.
        I think he is the most exciting surfer I have ever watched and is just as interesting to talk with.
       Greenough is out here once again to ride some waves and shoot some footage for a movie he is making.
       The movie unlike most surfing films will be shot around the tube and most of the photography will be done  
       by Greenough from his small board while riding inside the curl.
       He has already started his shooting and if the remainder of his film will be anything like the start
       it will be a remarkable film.
       His footage so far was shot from inside the curl at Lennox Head.
      The stills from the film look fantastic, one in particular which shows a view from 15 feet inside a clean
       top to bottom curl and through the opening you can see blue sky and a few white clouds.
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Farrelly made this radical little machine to surf back in the curl shadow; to break through long sections and
to put his surfing in tune with difficult and more challenging waves.
He used this board in Australia's winter waves and at most of the good point-breaks in South Africa.
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Surfing World
Volume 12 Number 5


Geoff Cater (2018) : Albert Falzon : Angourie/Greenough, 1969.