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robert frothingham : surfing at waikiki, 1925 

Surfer Magazine : 1968 Surfer Poll.
Surfer Magazine : 1968 Surfer Poll.
Volume 9 Number 3 July 1968, cover fold-out.

The unusual cover fold-out gave the results of the 1968 (?) Surfer Poll, although it is probable that the poll was conducted for the previous year.
Also unusual was the
advertisement for Hobie Surfboards with no photograph of anything, positioned as usual on the first page.
The extended advertising copy was followed by a list of dealers.

Cover Fold-out
1968 Surfer Poll
1. Corky Carroll
2. Skip Frye
3. Jock Sutherland
4. Nat Young
5. Steve Bigler

 6. Billy Hamilton
 7. Bob McTavish
 8. David Nuuihwa
 9. Mike Doyle
10. Dru Harrison
1. Joyce Hoffmann
2. Joey Hamaski
3. Margo Godfrey
4. Mimi Munroe
5. Martha Sunn
Page 1
Read This!
Now are you a believer?
If you had purchased a Hobie Mini Board when they were fi(rst avail)able a year ago you would now be a leader in the new style of surfing in your area.
C(orky got) one and look where it's got him.
Hobie Surfboards have had over a year to fully tes(t and de)velop the small board and we think we've got the perfect combination now.
We told (?) the Mini Model last year, but most of you weren't believing- be a step ahead not be(hind).
(A) good surfer can ride an ironing board when in competition with other good surfers, (?)  doesn't stand a chance.
Surfing stars have come and gone but Hobie Surfboards have (been) the leader for over a decade in all recognised surfing competition.
Don't be a day (or a?) dollar short.
$ Corky $ Gary $ Joyce $
Why do we pay these great surfers so much (to) design Hobie Surfboards?
Because they contribute their surfing skill towards our (?) that you get a better board.
We've learned that you get what you pay for and have (?) policy.
It may cost a few dollars more but quality doesn't come cheap.
The machine
There are five nationally known major surfboard manufacturers who use shaping m(achines and) they have never advertised it.
Wonder why?
I, Hobie Alter, developed the first surf(board shap)ing machine in 1954, and discontinued its use in 1956.
While it was a cheap and e(asy) I discovered it eliminated the imagination and day by day minor improvements th(? )vertised and hardly noticed.
I feel these improvements are extremely important in k (? Hobie) Surfboards a leader in the custom surfboard market.
What your dealer may not te(ll is the) dealer carries boards made from foam different than that used by Hobie Surfbo(ards) likely to degrade his other boards by telling you we could save as much as $25, (?) by using cheaper and weaker foam instead of Clark Foam.
With the short, light (?) surfing, foam strength is now more important than ever.
What is total involve(ment ?) give you a lot of flowery words about how our new boards ride- how they turn, (?), reenter, etc,
But the proof is in a boards performance.
Hobie Surfboards are built to give you the same performance and quality that Corky, Gary and Joyce d(emand ?) boards.
What more can we say?
Hobie Surfboards stand on the record of qu(?) design, and winning performance.
We build boards that anyone would be proud (?) professional surfboard builders.
Exciting, lightweight, creative colors.
Foam spl(?) delic sprays, wood grains, flower patterns and fluorescent colors are all available.
Combine them.
We're custom all the way.


Volume 9 Number 3
July 1968,
Cover fold-out.


Geoff Cater (2017) : Surfer Magazine : Surfer Poll, 1968.