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surfer : yokahama bay,  1966. 

Surfer : Yokahama Bay,  1966.
Volume 7 Number 4, September 1966.

A popular left-hander summer surf-break on Oahu in the 1960s, by the early 1970's Yokahama was eclipsed by Ala Moana and the North shore's Pipeline.
Presumably edited by John Severson, the article is uncredited with extensive quotes from Paul Strauch Jr. and  Ronald Patterson.
Featured surfers are Butch Van Artsdalen and Fred Hemmings.

Unfortunately the text of the (potentially) most interesting article is not transcribed, Hot-Dogging vs. Classic Surfing by Sam Reid.
One of the Waikiki beach boys in the 1920s, Sam Reid sings the praises of John "Hawkshaw" Paia who rode, standard for the era, a 10-foot 50-pound redwood without a skeg.
After a detailed account of Hawkshaw's amazing talents, Reid suggests that a mature man will never remain a hot-dogger.

One a series of eclectic, and derisively humorous, advertisements for
Mickey Dora's da Cat  model at Greg Noll Surfboards, this one is notable for its viciousness; and the intriguing photograph.
Dora is pictured sitting against a wall, dressed in an overcoat, casual collared shirt, jeans, white socks and, unmistakeably,  a pair of Duke Kahahamoku Aloha print sneakers.
Below the black and white photograph, Dora cautions that endorsements from some aging charity case surfer doesn't mean sincerity and and belief in the product.

Duke Kahahamoku Aloha print sneakers, see Fred Hemmings - Fred was on the Duke team.
Also see Mickey Dora.

Finally, there is an excellent shot of the one of the first breaks in the Indian Ocean to received media exposure,Tamarin Bay on the island of 

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Yokahama - a summer place

Yokahama lies near a tip of Oahu at the end of somewhere and the beginning of somewhere -  between the famed winter glory of Makaha and the still un-surfed challenge of Kaena Point.
Yokahama, where some of the greatest summer surf of the Islands rolls over a jagged coral reef and explodes on the tropic white sands.

Paul Strauch Jr., a regular at Yokahama for the past five years says:
"Yokahama is fantastic.
It's really different with a character of its own.
What other summer spot breaks with thick volume waves ala Sunset, yet retains a hollowness and over the shoulder tube like Pipeline."

Ronald Patterson, of surfing's celebrated Patterson brothers, is usually given credit for discovering Yokahama back in 1956.
It had been surfed before then but Patterson made the break really popular.
"I'II never forget the first time we surfed it"  remembers Ronald who went out with a gang of Waikiki regulars to body surf.
"Kenny Tilton, a really good body surfer, got banged up pretty bad when a Yokahama wave dumped him right on the reef.

Page 55: At full speed, Butch Van Artsdalen power drops under a
threatening Yokahama section. Photo by Tim McCullough.
He tried to twist under the shore break but he landed right on his back and got cut up pretty badly.
So another surfer named Bitty Graham from La Jolla and I decided to go out on our boards.

The first couple of rides convinced us that we had discovered a summer surf-spot that ranged along with Ala

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An unidentified Hawaiian surfer surfs in maximum

trim in the fast moving Yokahama shorebreak.
The steepness results from a combination of
shallow reefs and the backwash.
Photo by Tim Wilson.

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(Ala) Moana.
It's a tremendous place to surf - the bigger it gets, the better it gets because the break moves out from the inside reef that's dotted with jagged coral.

Any strong Southerly swell hits Yokahama after bending around Barbers, Makaha and Makua Point.
Yokahama has provided summer surfers in the Islands with some wonderful memories, and of the most impressive was a Saturday last July when Paul Strauch, Peter Cole, Fred Hemmings and Buzzy Trent paddled out on a perfect Yokahama day.
"I'll never forget that weekend,"Strauch said.
"The sets were pouring through at a steady ten to twelve feet, green-blue walls of delight, and the lineup wasn't crowded.
But the lineup rarely is when Yokahama gets over ten feet, and we were all giving each other waves, they were so plentiful "

A wipe-out at Yokahama can be serious if the swimming surfer isn't checked out on the tricky inshore

Two shots of Fred Hemmings, first standing in the curl, and then squatting as the shorebreak collapses.
Photos by Yamane Wilson.

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Greg Noll Surfboards : da Cat by Mickey Dora
Listen- da Cat is too pure and sensitive to be cheapen with commercialism.
I'm up to my mazzuza in quicksand with THE WHOLE SURF SCENE and sinking fast.
The greasy exploiters and Fast Buck, Madison Avenue Account types have tried to close in with their surf dope outfits, trying to grab a piece of the action with their nauseating phoney endorsements from has-been personality boys.
There may be a few who have tried to stay pure, but most so-called surfing greats have perverted their integrity for a grimy handout from  from promoters pushing stamped-out models through their assembly lines on to you suckers - loosely disguised with Daffey Duck decals.

But endorsements from some aging charity case surfer doesn't mean sincerity and and belief in the product.
It's hot air - stimulated by a few bucks.
Sell-out artists could care less as long as they get their grubby little pay off.

BUT DA CAT ... I designed my original prototype for one type guy only.
My only satisfaction for my partial sell-out to the Greg Noll organization is to see to see one radical rebel, one strong believer, unstained by pure group double-talk, to ride da Cat as it should be ridden, carving a name, creating new standards and techniques from the great potential of da Cat and crush, mash, obliterate, destroy and disintegrate all the tuberoonies who come his way.
Mickey Dora
Greg Noll Surfboards, Hermosa Beach, California.

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Hot-Dogging vs. Classic Surfing
By Sam Reid

"A mature man will never remain a hot-dogger."

I'd like to clear up a few misconceptions that are washing around the surfing world  about the difference between hot-dog surfing and the really only genuine kind of surfing for the mature man - classic surfing.

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Mauritius : Tamarin Bay

"The fast, hollow swells that consistently pour through onto the coral reef at Cape Dal convinced us that this was one of the top breaks in the surfing world."

Volume 7 Number 4,
 September 1966


Geoff Cater (2020) : Surfer : Yokahama Bay, 1966.