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everybody's : femlin surfriders club, manly, 1965. 

Eveybody's Magazine : Femlin Surfriders Club, Manly, 1965.
Everybody's (Magazine): The New Wave Set.
Australian Consolidated Press (ACP), Sydney, Australia.
13th October, 1965.

An unaccredited three page magazine article promoting a new club for female board riders at Sydney's Manly Beach, where
the shapely girls pursue the well-shaped wave.
Originally published as Everybody's Magazine, the title was shortened in the mid-1960s and a special teenager section, Disc, was added.

In the half-dozen photographs by Attila Budoso t
here is only one of surfing shot, of Marilyn Bennett.
The club was formed by 16 year old Gail Sorby, photographed wearing boardshorts and also a White Stag wetsuit.
Members included
Dorothy de Rooy, 1964 N.S.W. Women's surfing champion, and pictured wearing a check bikini.

Also see:
Phil Jarratt : Women Surfers : Broads Who Ride Boards in Tracks , Number 81, June 1977.

A musical note:
On page 19 of the Disc section there is a report on the recent performance of Bob Dylan at the Forest Hills music festival (Newport Folk Festival) where he performed an acoustic set (guitar and harmonica) then played electric guitar, dividing the audience into two factions - One cheered wildly, the other booed and screamed "traitor!"

Page 3

It was just about the last place the men had to themselves,
the challenging blue water out beyond the breakers.

But now all-male surfing is being ''wiped out" by a new wave of all-girl surfing clubs.

As in many other sports, men were the pioneers of surfing,
but girls like Linda McKern, of Manly, NSW., are out to challenge the men and the waves.

(Pictures by Attila Budoso)

Page 4

FROM beach to beach the shapely girls pursue the well-shaped wave.
They are the girls of a sporting revolution, members of Australia's first all-girl surfing clubs.

With jumbo boards up to 9ft 6in., like the men use, the girls are launched on a new wave of enthusiasm that they hope will take them to international honours.
By any standards they are a young fraternity - 18 is a seasoned age for a girl surfer, and by then many have been surfing for four or five years.

A typical example  is the "Pacific Femlin Surfriders Club" formed at Manly, NSW, by 16 year old Gail Sorby, a weekly clerk who can't wait for weekends to come around.
The club has 30 members, age up to 18.

The femlins of Manly's all girl club (I to r)
Linda Hoyle, Penny Ralph, Gail Sorby, and Linda McKern,
prepare for a turn on the boards.

The girl in the check bikini has the look of a champ, and is.
She is Dorothy de Rooy, 1964 N.S.W. Women's surfing champion.
Marilyn Bennett is a fellow club member.

Surfers like shapely Linda McKern expect
 all girl clubs to catch on in Australia.

Pictures by Attila Budoso

These lithe young lovelies, most of them blondes, surf at Manly when they can, but will range far to other beaches in search of the ideal, hollow-shaped waves surfers dream about.
They are planning a competition against an all girl surf club at Newcastle, and eventually girls in other Stales.
Whether they come creaming in on a rounded ten-footer or crouching inside a rolling curl, the surfie-girls don't take things the easy way.
And the skill they show on their boards is enough to turn any novice surfie boy's straw-blond hair an envious green.

Page 5

Marilyn Bennett comes creaming in on a small  ware alongside a male friend.

Club founder, Gail Sorby, talks to her members on Manly beach in the jargon of the surfing world -
 about hot doggers, gremmies, wipeouts, hodads, and surfers.
Note dorsal and reverse-D (or Pixie) fin. 

Everybody's (Magazine)

13th October, 1965.


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