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surfabout : manfacturers, 1963 

Surfabout Magazine : Manufacturers Index, 1963. 

Jack Eden : Manufacturers Index.
Volume 1 Number 5, 1963.
An overview of the major surfboard manufacturers in Australia in 1963, but note that all are noted to have taken advertising in the magazine.
Not reproduced:
The two page spread was surrounded by the various company decals (those with an address are added in italics) and each entry had a portrait photograph of the manufacturer.
Page 16

BARRY BENNET has been in the board building business for more than 12 years.
He opened a modern factory at Brookvale, N.S.W., being the first expressly built for surfboard production.
In the early 50's, Barry's racing boards (hollow plywoodtypes) were paddled to victory in four National Championships and several other premier State Titles.
This year, Barry spent some time in California shaping boards for Hobie Alter and Hansen Surfboards.
Here, many finer points were learnt.
Barry also has the sole franchise for importing Polytron water-based foam.

JACKSON and CANSDELL are specialists in the manufacture of the famous "hot dog" board.
Their reputation as custom builders has stretched to many of the southern beaches as far as Wollongong, where they have found it necessary to open a new factory at 426 Princes Highway, Corrimal.
The Jackson and Cansdell team use American foam and glass.
Their custom boards are double glassed and have double lapped rails.
The partnership revolves around Ron Cansdell as shaper and Brian Jackson as finisher.
"We feel we have a complete understanding of the custom board."
59 The Boulevade Caringbah NSW Australia
GREG McDONAGH has been in the surfboard business since the early 1950's.
He actually pioneered Polyfoam in Australia and was the first to mould foam blanks for use in board building.
Today, he operates from his modern Surf Shop located at Brookvale, which stocks everythfng from surfing accessories to ski gear.
The McDonagh custom board is double glassed and features double lapped rails.
Fibreglass and foam are imported from U.S.A.
Attention to detail and strict quality control over material and process of manufacture.
Also featuring pressed moulded fibre glassed fins.

NORM CASEY began manufacturing surfboards in 1949.
In August, 1962, he opened a modern shop and factory at Rockdale, Sydney.
The factory, operated on proven American methods, houses some of the most up-to-date equipment in the industry.
Norm once remarked: "I've realised the vital need of carrying out constant research on the flexibility of new materials."
This is why Norm contends that he has developed the highest strength to weight ratio of any custom board on the Australian market.
625 Princes Hwy. Rockdale Sydney Australia 59-2472

DANNY KEYO is one of Australia's top custom board manufacturers.
By no means a newcomer, he has been an active exponent of the industry for many years.
One of his top shapers is "Midget" Farrelly, the International Surfing Title- holder.
Danny believes that his brand is one of the finest on the market.
Danny has made it a policy to only turn out custom boords.
He favours Trevarno gloss and the American Polytron water base foam.
Each board has double-lopped sides.
19 Sydenham Road Brookvale XF 1699
JOHN RHODES is perhaps the youngest board manufacture to join the ranks.
His shop is located in Croydon Street, Cronulla.
John has managed to produce a board without resorting to the usual gimmicks of the trade to draw attention to his board.
He specialises in craftsmen-built custom boards only.
All American materials are used including the flat weave American gloss and a new resin which gives an "all white" effect.
"I insist on making a clear board with a minimum amount of colour," remarked John.
 Page 17

DALE SURFBOARDS, designed and produced by Les Patterson and Dave Passenger have been popular in surfing circles since their introduction 2 years ogo.
As in all custom shops, the Dale firm can build a board to any specification or design.
Dale boards are noted for their craftsmanship.
"This lis mainly due to the result of years of study in developing the design and shape of the modern
surfboard," said one of the partners.
Les and Dave are proud of their brand and are conscious of the fast expanding export market.

236 Harbord Road Brookvale Sydney
GRAHAM KING is a fast rising newcomer to the custom board field.
He has been
making custom boards since mid 1961, and has lately moved into a modern facilitated factory and surf shop ("South Side Surf Shop") located at 575 Princes Highway, Kirrawee.
Graham's standard boards feature a three-quarter maple or redwood stringer, two layers af 10 oz.
glass on both sides and a polytron foam and fibreglass fin.
"My boards appeal to the beginner surfer and the veteran alike," said Graham.
575 Princes Highway, Kirrawee 521-1078
BILL WALLACE was one of Australia's first board builders.
When he first started out, Bill produced the hollow plywood paddle boards.
He was later influenced by the demonstration of the malibu board given here in 1956 by  Americans Greg Noll and Tom Zahn.
Since then he has adapted himself to modern surfboard design and construction.
Today, his custom boards are a familar sight on the key northern and southern beaches.
Bill prefers to use all American materials because of their predicability, he said.
He now operates from Brookvale.
129-131 McPherson Street Bronte, NSW Phone FW 3690
SCOTT DILLON is one of the pioneers of the Australian custom board industry.
In a matter of years he has established a reputation as a top-ranking custom builder.
His factory is located at Brookvale, but, however, a projected expansion programme still in the planning stages is expected to be finalised sometime next year.
Scott, one of Australia's best known big sea riders, can shape any type of board specified by his customers.
Scott prefers to use the American Polytron polyester foam base.
41 Winbourne Road Brookvale NSW Tel 934303
JOE LARKIN has the distinction of being the only recognised custom board builder in Queensland. Before moving to Queensland 2 years ago, Joe learnt his trade making the hollow (plywood type) paddle board and then graduated to shaping malibu boards for two of Sydney's leading custom builders.
In fact, Joe informs us that he acquired his first board at nine and shaped his own board at 15 and "I've been building surfboards ever since".
Joe uses American foam and double glass on his boards.
His factory is at Miles Street, Kirra, Queensland.
GORDON WOODS was one of the first custom surfboard builders in Australia.
Gordon maintains that "the key to successful board building is the consistent employment of quality materials and the pursuit for better ones".
This is why Gordon Woods uses Volan treated glass, and more recently, CO2 water blown foam.
Gordon considers shaping the most important phase of custom surfboard construction which entails full depth stringers, doubled up sides and standard fibre glass fin.
Gordon has sole franchise for John Kelly hydroplane boards.


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Volume 1 Number 5.

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