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brown : phil at pipeline, 1961 

Bruce Brown : Phil Edwards at Pipeline, 1961.

Brown, Bruce:
Surfing Hollow Days Sequence.
Surfer Bi-Monthly Magazine
Volume 4 Number 6
December-January 1963, page 41.

Copy courtesy of the Graham Sorensen Collection.

The text accompanying the twelve frames taken from Bruce Brown's Surfing Hollow Days is taken almost verbatum from the film's script.
Said to be the first time Pipeline was ridden at significant size in the modern era.

Page 41
Bruce Brown's
In the winter of 1961, a nameless surfing spot was "checked out" frequently by a few surfers on the north shore of Oahu.
Phil Edwards thought it might be possible to ride this new place.
He talked with other expert surfers and each one looked at the surf and gave a similar answer:
"It can't be done" ..."You can't ride a wave like that" ..."Too dangerous,"etc.
In spite of these opinions, Phil kept his eye on the place and finally went out on a small day and rode a couple of waves.
After riding even small waves there, he was ready to agree with the rest of the surfers.
One bright, sunny morning the surf was bigger and the waves looked nearly perfect.
Phil decided to paddle out beside the break and take a closer look at the waves.
After just a few minutes of looking, he surprised himself and the few people watching by paddling into the break, turning around, and taking off on the first wave of a good-sized set.
The resulting fantastic tunnel ride is pictured here in sequence.
In picture number 11 you can see the wave has "squirted" and actually blasted Phil out of the tunnel.
This excellent sequence shot was taken at the "Pipeline," from Bruce Brown's film, "Surfing Hollow Days."
After Phil's ride, the group agreed that although he had made the wave, no one would want to try again.
How wrong they were when just a few hours later other surfers, having heard of Phil's feat, were out riding the "Pipeline" and amazingly enough ... living.

12 shot sequence, reformated, top 1-3.

Phil Edwards, Pipeline, c 1964.
Surfer Magazine
Volume 25 Number 1, page 30.

Surfer Bi-Monthly Magazine
Volume 4 Number 6
December-January 1963. 

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Geoff Cater (2013) : Bruce Brown : Phil Edwards at Pipeline, 1963