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lee cross : australian surfer,  1961. 

Lee Cross : The Australian Surfer,  1961.
Lee Cross (Editor) : The Australian Surfer.
45 Gardyne St.. Bronte, Sydney.
Number 1 - July/August 1961.
 Number 2 - December 1961

According to Nat Young (Nat's Nat, page ?) the magazine was short-lived and there were only two editions in July/August 1961 and December 1961.

Paul Scott wrote:
The first issue of The Australian Surfer contained four full-page, five half-page and two quarter-page advertisements.
Advertising included the promotion of balsa by Arthur Milner & Co. Pty. Ltd based in Double Bay, Sydney and Springvale, Victoria.
The possibilities of enhanced surf photography through the use of a telephoto lens were pointed to in an advertisement for Vic Joyce’s Camera Store based in Dee Why, Sydney.
An advertisement for the Ferris Factory in Caringbah, Sydney announced that one could ‘look like a rider’ in Ferris Bermuda Shorts; ‘feel like a rider’ in a Ferris Rubber Suit and ‘be a rider’ on a new 1962 Ferris Surfboard: Balsa or Poly.
Advertisements for surfboard manufacturers included Barry Bennett, McDonagh, Scott Dillon and Gordon Woods in Brookvale, Sydney; Bill Wallace in Waverley, Sydney and The Surf Shop in King George Square, Brisbane.
The issue also contained a full-page cartoon of sharks threatening surfers, an article on surfing spots around Sydney and an article on surfing for beginners, similar to that published in The Surfer.
There was no introduction, editorial, letters page or promise of further issues.
Paul Scott: Australian Surfing Magazines: The First Wave (1961-1962)

The scans of Volume 1 and 2 were contributed by Ben Wilson in June 2005.
The magazines were originally purchased new in 1961 and subsequently held by Ben's father, Ron Wilson.
- Many Thanks.
Number 1 July/August 1961
Page 2

Page 3

THE AUSTRALIAN SURFER was produced by Lee Cross.

Photos by Vic Joyce, Ron Perrott, Bob Commys, Bob Evans,
Joe Larkin, Bud Brown and Tony Fleming.
Illustrations by David Letts.

Copies of this book may be obtained from any of the advertisers
in this book or by sending 7/- to
Lee Cross, 45 Gardyne St.. Bronte, Sydney.

COVER: John Brown, Bronte Beach.

Toes on Nose ... 6
Surfing Spots ...  8
Nth Narrabeen ...   11
Surfing for Beginners  ...  14
Hawaiian Heavies ... 16
Wipeout  ... 18
Manly ...    21
Fairy Bower  ...  27
Page 10

Johnny Payne, Warriewood.
Page 11
North Narrabeen

Bob Evans

Nipper Williams

Gordon Simpson

The Midget

John Mater
Page 16
Hawaiian Heavies

Gibby Gibson, Sunset.

Page 17

Ron Perrott, North Narrabeen.

Number 2 December 1961
Page 2

Page 3

Photo from Bruce Brown's Barefoot Adventure

Cover photo comes from Jack Eden.

The photo features a surfer called Yancy.
The beach - Cronulla.
Page 3
On Monday, the 20th November, 1961, hundreds of surfer's gathered in the foyer of Anzac House, College Street,
awaiting the screening of the feature length film of surfriding in Hawaii and California to be shown in Australia.
By 7 p.m. the crowd had grown to 1,200 and when the doors to the auditorium were opened a riot almost broke out.
At 8 p.m. the police were called in.
The glass mural in the foyer had been smashed, seats had been ruined and someone had written "Tourists go home"
on the foyer floor in indelible ink.
Damage to the hall was estimated at £300
ANZAC HOUSE IS NOW CLOSED TO SURF MOVIES - and It may not stop there.
The same thing has happened in the States and Hawaii.
But the surfers over there have not only lost auditoriums but some of them have lost their beaches at well.
Next time you have a spare minute, stop and think - Is it really worth losing beaches and halls because of a few high spirits?
Letters to the Editor ... 4
North Avalon ... 5
Bombora - Queenscliff ... 8
The Big W  ... 11
Surfers You Should Know ... 12
Gilbert the Gremlin Ghost  ... 14
4-page Liftout Section ...  17
Surfing Interstate ... 71
Readers' Corner ... 32
They're Off to Hawaii  ... 34
Page 6
North Avalon

David Letts smiles confidently as he drives across a typical North Avalon wall.

His luck didn't hold out and he spent the next 5 minutes swimming.

Mick Dooley touches North Avalon regularly and always puts on a splendid display. Some say his style compares with Californian rider Mick Doyle.

Page 7

Little Dooley

John Payne
Rodney Sumpter

Midget Farrelly
Page 12
Surfers You Should Know ... Midge

Page 13

Johnny Payne, Bungan Head.
Page 14

Joey Cabell



Page 15

Al Nelson
Waimea Bay

Page 16

Page 17
4-page Liftout Section

Midget Farrelly

John Brown, Bronte Beach.

The Australian Surfer.
45 Gardyne St..
Bronte, Sydney.

Number 1
July/August 1961.

Number 2
December 1961.

Yancy, Cronulla Beach.


Geoff Cater (2020) : Lee Cross : The Australian Surfer, 1961.