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newspapers : 1957 

Newspapers : 1957.



The Argus
Melbourne,  Friday 4 January 1957, page 11.


In a beach-loving community like ours, there has always been a big potential demand for surfboards, but the high cost of the commercial article and the mysteries of marine construction have prevented most people from either buying or building one.

Now, however, construction of a pontoon type surf board 10ft. long and light enough to be carried atop even the smallest car is made possible for any handy man by the recent publication of an American Easi Build Pattern No. 247.

Following this pattern is simplicity itself.

Selection of a marine grade plywood for the surf board is of paramount im portance as ordinarily bonded plies tend to disintegrate in water.
For this reason too, the pattern specifics thc use of a high grade phenolic resin glue in assembling the board,

Pine for bulkheads and sides, plywood for decking and a few brass screws and nails are all the materials needed for the job, apart from a brass deckplate which is readily obtainable at any boat builders' supply store, and which is let into the deckplate cleat for draining the surfboard after use.

If it is not possible to obtain a 10ft. length of marine ply. instructions are given on the pattern for splicing two shorter lengths by underlaying the joint with a strip of ply over a suitable bulkhead.

Surfboard pattern No. 247 makes up into a sturdy, easily manageable craft for shooting the surf on ocean beaches, but gives equal entertainment value as a float for the bayside, or in land rivers and lakes.

Hardware stores, timber merchants, newsagents, and general stores have the pattern.

1957 'THIS SURFBOARD IS EASY TO MAKE', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 4 January, p. 11. , viewed 28 Jul 2016,

The Argus
Melbourne, 7 January 1957, page 1.

SUN . . . SAND . . SEA . . .

This was all smiling teenager . Marlene Duff needed
as she prepared to go for a spin on a surf-board at
Elwood beach on Saturday.

1957 'No title', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 7 January, p. 1. , viewed 23 Sep 2016,

The Argus
Melbourne, 9 January 1957, page 5.

Its grand to be young ...

Any second now there
is going to be a big splash as Stewart Stribling
ples from his surf board into the water at Lorne.
But Stewart won't mind - even if the water is a little cold -
because the
hilt are all part of the sport of surf riding.

1957 'It's grand to be young... and fit.... and healthy..... and in luck, too', The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), 9 January, p. 5. , viewed 28 Jul 2016,

Victor Harbour Times
South Australia, 29 March 1957, page 1.


On Sunday next, 31st March,
Goolwa Beach will be the scene of a Picnic Surf Life-Saving Carnival, and plans are now complete for the competition which will start at 10.30 a.m. and conclude between 4 and 5 p.m.
It is now definite that the only visitors from interstate will be the Lome Pub from Victoria, with a representation of probably over 20 members on this occasion.
The programme will be amplified on the beach and patrons are advised that parking facilities are available for several hundred cars within about 100 yards of the actual carnival area.
Local police will assist in traffic control and Club officials of the Port Elliot Club will handle the parking to ensure that patrons are not inconvenienced by not knowing just where to go.
The Port Elliot Club is entering three senior boat crews in the main boat race of the day and numerous entries have been made in surf board and ski races, so competition should be keen and thrills numerous even with a quiet sea at Goolwa.

1957 'GOOLWA SURF DAY ON SUNDAY', Victor Harbour Times (SA : 1932 - 1986), 29 March, p. 1. , viewed 28 Jul 2016,

The Canberra Times
9 November 1957, page 16.


HONOLULU, Friday (A.A.P.-Reuter):
Small boats and surf-boards were used yesterday in the speedy rescue of a Tasmanian family after their yacht, Solquest, struck a reef off the Honolulu residential area in early morning darkness.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Staples, and their two children were Los Angeles bound from Hobart when the yacht went aground.
Its fate is doubtful.

1957 'FAMILY RESCUED WITH SURF BOARD', The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), 9 November, p. 16. , viewed 28 Jul 2016, 

Good Neighbour
ACT, 1 December 1957, page 3.


THE Minister for Immigration, Mr. Athol Townley, has written a letter of commendation to a migrant who rescued a teenage girl from the surf at Maroubra recently.
The migrant, former Sicilian Phillip Merillo, 38, of Pagewood, was the only one of a crowd on the beach who made an attempt to rescue the girl when a wave swept her from the back of a horse she had ridden into the surf.
He was picnicking on the rocks with his wife and four years-old son when he saw the girl's plight and tried to dive
into the surf.
He was swept back three times by big waves and his legs were gashed on the rocks.
He then commandeered a surf board from watching boys, paddled it out to the girl and brought her back to
Merillo later revealed that he was the "mystery new Australian" who had figured previously in two dramatic surf rescues.
Several years ago he saved seven of eight men from a launch wreck at Kurnell.
Later he rescued a drowning rock fisherman at Kurnell, but again did not reveal his identity.
"Brave action"
In a letter of commendation sent to the migrant recently, Mr. Townley said :
"I recently read in the Press .with interest and admiration of your brave action in rescuing a young girl from the surf at Maroubra beach.
"On behalf of your new fellow countrymen I should like to express appreciation of your conduct and to commend you for your courage and gallantry.
"As well as possibly saving the life of the girl, your action has performed a service for all new settlers by demonstrating the fine qualities of people like yourself who have come to live in this country."

1957 'SURF RESCUE WINS PRAISE FOR MIGRANT', Good Neighbour (ACT : 1950 - 1969), 1 December, p. 3. , viewed 28 Jul 2016,

Victor Harbour Times
South Australia, 6 December 1957, page 4.


A large expensive swimming pool, measuring 150 ft. x 100 ft. with a 50 ft. toddlers' extension, costing over 3,000, will he only one of the features of the new subdivision at the surfing beach near Middleton, which is to be offered for sale just prior to Christmas.
The Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club will favour with a demonstration of surf boat, surf board, and surf-ski activity on the opening sale day.
This is, without a doubt, the first subdivision facing an ocean surfing beach in this State, and should create wide interest, particularly with the most of amenities being provided.

1957 'LARGE SWIMMING POOL IN NEW SURFING SUBDIVISION', Victor Harbour Times (SA : 1932 - 1986), 6 December, p. 4. , viewed 28 Jul 2016,


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