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australian woman's weekly : honolulu surf stars to visit, 1949 

Australian Woman's Weekly  :  Honolulu Surf Stars Plan Visit Here, 1949.

 Extracts and photographs from
[Leighton, Ray]: Honolulu Surf Stars Plan Visit Here
The Australian Women's Weekly
Saturday 26 March 1949, page 29.


This is a one page photograhic essay, with a brief introduction and extended captions.

Apart from the portrait with Dad Center and Duke Kahanamoku, the images are most likely by Ray Leighton, described as the "former secretary of the surfboard section of the New South Wales Surf Life Saving Association."
Leighton was a renown Australian photographer with a long-term connection with surfboard riding and the Manly Life Saving Club.

Although the wave at Mokapu Beach, Honolulu is not "25 feet high," its is certainly large for this era.

Sam Steamboat (Mokuahi), "who competed in against Australian team at the big Pacific Surf Games," refers to the Australian visit to Honolulu in 1939.
See The Australian Racing Sixteen : 1934

"Blue Boy" Nakua is noted as the "famous board rider, champion of Aloha Week."
This was probably Aloha Week 1948, held in Honolulu from the 14 to 21 November.
The festival was promoted by the Matson Line, scheduling a cruise on.S.S. Lurline,  leaving San Francisco on 5th and returning 27th November.

The portrait of Center, Leighton and Kahanamoku, appears to be taken at a public meeting, note what appears to be a microphone in front of Leighton.
Also note that Duke Kahanamoku is said to have "introduced surfboards to Australia."

1949 'HONOLULU SURF STARS PLAN VISIT HERE.', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 26 March, p. 29, viewed 15 June, 2013,

Page 29


HUGE WAVE, 25 feet high, off Mokapu Beach, Honolulu.
This picture shows the big surf visiting team is used to.

While he was in Honolulu, Ray Leighton, former secretary of the surfboard section of the New South Wales Surf Life Saving Association, made preliminary arrangements for teams from Honolulu's famous Outrigger Canoe Club and from California to visit Australia, probably next summer.
These pictures show some of personalities certain to be included if teams come.

[Photograph, not reproduced]
FAMOUS Outrigger Canoe Club, on Waikiki Beach, has dining room, cocktail lounge, volley-ball courts, outdoor beer garden.
It is decorated inside with bamboo and murals.

ÍNVENTOR of hollow surf-board, Tom Blake, 
left, with Preston Peterson, who is a 
champion Californian surfer. 
Preston will be team member.
HONOLULU identity Sam Steamboat,
who competed in against Australian 
team at the big Pacific Surf Games.
CHAMPION of Aloha Week 
Festival, Honolulu, "Blue Boy" 
Nakua, famous board rider.

TRIO of enthusiasts, from left, "Dad" Center, 
foundation member of Outrigger Canoe Club, Waikiki, 
Ray Leighton, and Duke Kahanamoku, 
who introduced surfboards to Australia.

SURFBOARD RACKS provided by Outrigger Canoe 
Club for members. 
There are 370 in all, 20 yards from the water. 
Boards drain, air circulates. 
Method is ideal for storing boards in minimum space. 
Committee of club has voted about £18,000 
for further improvements.

The Australian Women's Weekly
Saturday 26 March 1949.


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Geoff Cater (2013) : Australian Women's Weekly : Honolulu Surf Stars to Visit, 1949.