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u.s. government : territory of hawaii 

U.S. Government : General Information Regarding the Territory of Hawaii
United States [Government]:
General Information Regarding the Territory of Hawaii.
U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, 1937.



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Air view of Waikiki Beach, Royal Hawaiian and Moana-Seaside Hotels.
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Waikiki Beach
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Other phases of Hawaiian entertainment and recreation include the luau, or native feast; the hukilau, or net pulling which invariably produces a haul of vari-colored fish to the enjoyment of resident and visitor alike; surf-board and outrigger-canoe riding at Waikiki.

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The Hawaiian sport of kings, surfboard riding.
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Swimming at famous Waikiki, Kalapana, a beach of jet black sand, and many others, has its thousands of devotees.
Most of the beaches are protected by coral reefs.
Variation in temperature between air and water is seldom more than two or three degrees.
Visitors are cautioned against seeking to acquire a tan too quickly, as the tropical sun is surprisingly powerful.

Surfboard Riding is a thrilling sport, requiring considerable practice before it can be accomplished successfully.
Owing to the peculiar formation of the beach at Waikiki, long rollers come in from a mile at sea, permitting boards to be ridden shoreward at 40 miles an hour.
Good swimmers usually learn the art of surfboarding within a few days.
Expert instructors are available.
Outrigger Canoe Riding is one of Hawaii's most exhilarating sports.
Canoes carrying from 4 to 12 persons are paddled a mile to sea, where the breakers start.
The canoe is maneuvered so that it is lifted high on an incoming wave and shot shoreward at high speed.
Canoes and steersmen are available at Waikiki.

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Regalias are held for both outrigger canoes and racing barges.

Crews include men and women.
Competition is usually inter-island, culminating in the great festival at Kona, Island of Hawaii.

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Outrigger Canoe Riding

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Geoff Cater (2016) : U.S. Government : Territory of Hawaii, 1937.