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national geographic : hawaii, 1924 
 Photographic images of Hawaii, pre-1924.

From : National Geographic Magazine
Volume XXXVI  Number Two.  August, 1919.
The Geography of Games. Page 98.

Photograph : A.R. Gurrey
Walking a tight rope stretched on top a speeding express train
might afford some of theexhilaration of Hawaii's distinctive sport.
Here, again, geography molded the national pastime; for the conformation of the
 ocean bed along the island coast creates the swells that make  this sport popular.
The picture illustrates only one position of the native rider, who lies
prone, sits. and even stands on his head on his super-canoe.
 National Geographic Magazine
August, 1919
Volume XXXVI  Number Two. 
The Geography of Games. 
Page 98. 

From : National Geograghic Magazine
February 1924 Volume XLV Number Two
The Hawiian Islands 

Page 12
Board Portrait photograph illustrating an advertisment for the Hawaiian Tourist Bureau.

Few aquatic sports afford a thrill equal to that of surf-riding. The swimmer with his surfboard, from 7 to 12 feet in length and I 1/2 feet in width, works his way out through the shallow water over the fringing coral reef to where the high rollers rise. Selecting his wave, he gets his boat under way by paddling furiously with his hands and feet, and at the proper moment, mounting a high wave, throws himself on the board just as it is seized by the force of the onrushing water, which carries him with race-horse speed toward the beach.                                                                                                                         Page 155.

A commonly reproduced  image of three riders : one headstanding, one kneeling and one begining to stand.The image is uncredited, highly unusual for this publication and has been reproduced in other formats such as postcards.
See Scheiffer (1998), pages 14 and 20.
Blackburn, (2001) page 19 (circa 1910) and  page 21 (circa 1915 and credits the headstanding rider as Duke Kahanamoku).

Colour Plate X : Riding The Surf at Waikiki, Honolulu
From a photograph by R. K. Bonine.

Three riders, two wearing Outrigger Canoe Club  swimming costumes.
Note that the photograph have been colourised and the costumes may have been enhanced to give the image contrast.

National Geograghic Magazine
February 1924 
Volume XLV Number Two
The Hawiian Islands 
Pages 12, 155 and Colour Plate X.

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