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rutgers monthly  :  surfboard rescue, ashbury park, 1922 

Rutgers Monthly :  Stewart Appleby Surfboard Rescue, Ashbury Park, 1922.

Rutgers Alumni Monthly.
Volume 2 Number1
October 1922.
Asbury Park Press,16th June 1922.


The account of this rescue attempt  by Stuart Appleby with his surfboard, a Rutgers Alumni, is reproduced from the Asbury Park Press.
 Clearly this was a large board, capable of supporting Appleby and the five would-be rescuers.

Page 22

Stewie Appleby was very busy handling his real estate business at Asbury Park during the summer.
In the June 16th issue of the Asbury Park Press we came across the following story regarding him:
"Although the borough of Avon has not as yet placed either life guards, ropes or lifeboats on its bathing beach, many bathers were in the surf yesterday, and but for a timely rescue by Avon coast guards, led by Captain Joel Hulse, at least six men might have drowned.
About one o'clock a man, whose name was not learned, was seen by other bathers struggling with a heavy outgoing current which prevailed all day yesterday.
Stuart Appleby, an Avon resident, plunged into the surf with a surfboard and was followed by five or six others.
Finding themselves being swept outward with the current, five of the would-be rescuers made for Appleby's surfboard.
This prevented Appleby from reaching the helpless man further out, Appleby said, and coast guards came to the rescue in a surf boat just in time to save the man as well as the five who were clinging to Appleby's board."

Rutgers Alumni Monthly
Volume 2 Number1
October 1922.


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