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a.h. ford : charleston museum, 1919 

Alexander Hume Ford at Charleston Museum, 1919.

Alexander Hume.Ford at Charleston Museum, 1919.
Bulletin of the Charleston Museum, Volume 15, December 1919, page 79.


Page 79

The Museum has received assistance in its Polynesian department through the visit of Mr. Alexander Hume Ford, secretary of the Pan-Pacific Union and editor of the Pan-Pacific Magazine.
Mr. Ford is a Charleston boy who has not visited the city for many years.
He has made an intensive study of the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands and has therefore been able to give much valuable information to the Museum staff in regard to specimens in the Polynesian collection, in which he is much interested.
On Thursday, December 18, Mr. Ford gave an illustrated lecture under the auspices of the Museum, in which he showed lantern slides and moving picture films illustrating the life and customs of Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.
Mr. Ford revived the sport of
riding in Honolulu, which had become almost a lost art, and one of his films shows the way this interesting feat is accomplished.
Just as we never formed a correct idea of the trotting of a horse until motion pictures were available, so the details of
surfboard riding were never correctly illustrated until the story was told by the camera.
The old pictures of this sport prove to be inaccurate in many respects.
Mr. Ford's lecture was a source of much pleasure not only to his old friends but to many others who enjoyed his vivid and
versatile descriptions of the life of a distant people.
The Museum is indebted to the courtesy of the Y. M. C. A. for the use of its hall for Mr. Ford's lecture.

Bulletin of the Charleston Museum, Volume 15, December 1919, page 79.


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