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popular mechanics : surf coaster, 1915 
Popular Mechanics : Surf Coasters, 1915.

Extract from
Popular Mechanics : Surf Coasters.
Popular Mechanics Magazine
May 1915, page 671.


The magazine article as shown in the googlebooks.com reproduction includes the handwritten notes:
For Sale by A.G.Spaulding & Brothers
435 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, Cal.
and all other branches.
Nelson Surf Coaster Co.
Long Beach, Cal.

Page 671
Surf Coasters Introduced at California Beaches.
Surf coasters have made their appearance on the beaches of southern California and are being used there by the bathers in much the same way as surf boards in Hawaii, and some other parts of the world where conditions are favorable for them.
The coaster is shaped much like a toboggan, curving up at the prow in a generous scroll, and instead of being made from a solid slab of wood, it has a light frame covered in canvas.
This furnishes it with a large air compartment, gives it bouyancy and makes it very simple to handle in the water.
No skill is required fin learning to ride the device, as in the case of the surf board, and for this reason it has gained popularity amoung winter tourists.


Toboggan-Shaped Coaster 
Which is Used for Surf 
Riding on California's Beaches.

Popular Mechanics Sep 1947 _Surf Floats
 POPULAR MECHANICS Volume 110 July 1958 
Popular Mechanics : Surf Coasters.
Popular Mechanics Magazine
May 1915, page 671.

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Geoff Cater (2011) : Popular Mechanics : Surf Coaster, 1915.