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doyle's new instruction book on ocean bathing, 1910 

Doyle's New Instruction Book on Ocean Bathing, 1910. 
Doyle, William S.:
Doyle's New Instruction Book on Ocean Bathing.
W. S. Doyle, Asbury Park, N.J., 1910.

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Very basic instructions for surf-bathing by author, and sometime poet, William S.:Doyle.

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Doyle's Record in Rhyme ... 5
Preface ... 7
General Remarks ... 9
Remarks ... 11
To Learn to Bathe ... 12
To Learn to Float ... 16
Remarks on Swimming ... 18
How to Tread Water .. 19
To Learn to Swim ... 21
Dont's for Swimmers ... 24
Life Saving ... 30
How to Make a Rescue ... 31
Boating ... 33
Dont's for Boating ... 36
The Rescue ... 37
Ocean Waves ... 45
Summer Time ... 45
A PIain Book ... 47
Page 5
Doyle's Record in Rhyme

Twenty-four years at the shore is a pretty good score,
And there on the beach the swimming art to teach.
When the people were in great danger and fear,
Doyle was always found near to give them good cheer.

When Doyle was around there was none ever drowned,
And when Doyle was near there was no need of fear.
It made no difference if the water were rough, cold or hot,
Doyle always managed to be Johnny on the spot.

When a person was carried out by a wave,
Doyle was always ready for a life to save,
And when he landed his man on the shore
The people they cheered him by the score.
Page 6
And Doyle always managed a rescue so fine,
He was never known to have a life line.
This may have a strange sound, yet where Doyle was around
There never were found to be any one drowned.

This statement of facts may not seem so fine,
But there is proof that they are all genuine.
To be honored with a hero medal by Uncle Sam,
It must be proved that you are a brave man.

And these few rhymes may sound like fun,
But Doyle's life-saving record is second to none.
To learn to bathe or swim and be right in it,
Buy Doyle's' new book, it's right up to the minute.
Page 11

There are no out-of-door games or exercise that can compare with ocean bathing and swimming for health and pleasure.
It builds up the body uniformly by bringing every muscle into action.
Daily baths keep the body supple.
The salt water is a tonic and keeps the body in a healthy and vigorous condition.
It also aids digestion and creates a good appetite.
You can always eat and sleep well after an ocean bath or swim.
It is good for the old and young alike.

I can't describe in words the grand feeling and pleasure there is in ocean bathing and swimming, and for any person who can
afford the time to bathe and swim and don't take it, lose the best and healthiest sport in the world.

Page 12
To Learn to Bathe

First secure a bathing time table.
When convenient always bathe at low tide or an hour or so before or after and when the ocean is in a normal condition.
Then there will be no need of holding the ropes or any other assistance.
You can go any depth you like without fear as there is no danger.
There is always somebody nearby to help you out if in need.
Throw away all fear and be as bold as you can.
Watch and try to do all you see the other bathers do and if you have some friends who are good bathers take every chance you can to be with them.

When the ocean is calm and the waves are unbroken and there is no strong current,

Page 13

spread out your arms like wings, wade out in the water until it reaches up under the arms; always keep them out resting on the
water so as to help balance and guide the body.
When a wave reaches you at the same time give yourself a little spring, and if necessary work your feet up and down with a high stepping motion to keep the body up while the wave passes.

If a high wave comes and you can't get over it, duck or dive through it.
When a running broken wave comes no higher than your shoulders, stand firm and cut it sideways; have your feet spread and braced.
Keep this up for a number of times until you learn the action of the water and waves.
Then you can bathe at any time or condition of tide.
Always take the wave sideways.
Never let them strike you on the back or breast.

Page 34

turn hold one oar hard in the water and pull

If you run aground at the bow all hands go to the stern with the oars and push off or twist the boat around and work it off.
Never stand at the bow and try to get the boat clear.
Work only from the stern.
If hard aground some may have to get out before you can get the boat off.
In rough water, swells or waves, cross the bow first.
Never let the waves catch the boat sideways.

Page 35

If the water becomes rough through a storm or the passing of a power boat, keep cool and lie down on the bottom of the boat
and wait until the danger is past.

Page 45
The ocean waves are so wild they run in with a roar.
Full of fury and froth, where they land on the shore,
To swim out in the ocean when the tide is on the ebb,
Is like a fly's simple notion, flying around a spider's web.

In the good summer time,

When the water is fine,
You can bask on the shore
And watch the waves rolling o'er.

It's great sport and fine
To swim in the brine.
You can have fun galore
When you're down at the shore.
                                                                                        - W. S. Doyle.

Doyle, William S.:
Doyle's New Instruction Book on Ocean Bathing.
W. S. Doyle, Asbury Park, N.J., 1910.

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