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leman : cliff jumping, hilo, 1886 
Walter M. Leman : Cliff Jumping, Hilo, 1886

Extract from
Leman, Walter M. Memories of an Old Actor.
A. Roman Co., San Francisco 1886, pages 317 and 318.

Bookseller Review
"Acting and theater reminiscences, including mention of Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, Lola Montez, etc. Leman performed extensively on the stages of San Francisco and Sacramento, and his career took him throughout the American West - the Nicaragua Route, California gold camps, Washoe and Virginia City, Salt Lake City, and the Washington Territory.
There is also a chapter on Hawaii and King Kalakaua, as well as some mention of Yosemite."

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Page 317

In order to reach the proposed point for our picnic ground, it was necessary to send out a gang of natives on the previous day to cut a path with matchetes through the dense undergrowth, and even with this preparation our horses were with difficulty forced through the green obstruction.

The Wailuku falls into the sea a little north of the townof Hilo, and the southern bank, which is at this point a verdure-covered cliff of sixty feet in height, was a favorite bathing place and toward evening the youth of both sexes assembled to indulge in what to a Hawaiian is a necessary part of existence : ,with shouts of mirth and laughter they would dive or jump from the cliff, cutting the water like an arrow, and sometimeses re-appearing on the surface three or four hundred feet from were they made their plunge.
I think that in this lively diving and swimming the girls were, if anything, more expert than the boys.
They were of all ages from eight years to sixteen,  and all quite nude, with the exception of a cloth around the middle, and most of the girls were in form models of feminine perfection; what, with the merriment, and shouting, and ...

Page 318

... leaping, and the wonderful aquatic gymnastics, it  was a cheerful and pleasing scene.

Leman, Walter M. Memories of an Old Actor.
A. Roman Co., San Francisco 1886.

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Geoff Cater (2010) : Walter M. Leman : Cliff Jumping, Hilo, 1886.