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levi chamberlain :  waikiki, 1823, and lahanai, 1825 

Levi Chamberlain :  Waikiki, 1823, and Lahanai, 1825.

Extracts from
Chamberlain, Levi: Journal
Hawaii, Nov 11, 1822- Jan 1, 1849 
Born Dover, VT., August 28, 1792, he arrived in Hawaii  on April 27, 1823.
He was Superintendent of Secular Affairs, served as a missionary teacher, and was an expert accountant..
He made three tours of Oahu on afoot.
He married Maria Patron at Lahaina, September 1, 1828 and died at Honolulu, July 29, 1849.

Volume II
August 5, 1823 -January 11,1824.

Wednesday 8th (October, 1823).
Having had for some time a desire to see Waititi & Leahi (Diamond-hill) Mr. Loomis  & myself mounted the horses after dinner & rode up there, afterwards making the circuit of Diamond hill.
The situation of Waititi is pleasant, & enjoys the shade of a large number of cocoanut &. kou trees.
The kou has large spreading branches & affords a very beautiful shade.
There is a considerable extension of beach and when the surf comes in high the natives amuse themselves in riding on the surf-board.

Volume V
June  27,  1825  - April  14,  1826

Saturday January 7, 1826
 The rain having fallen in torrents during the night raised the waters  of Lahaina very much - A  large stream from the high lands ran through the  center of Lahaina so that a  communication was opened from the sea to the cultivated parts and the  people  paddled  with their canoes  into the banana groves over fields of potatoes  &. taro.
The Chiefs  amused themselves by playing on surfboards  in the heart of Lahaina.

Chamberlain, Levi: Journal
Hawaii, Nov 11, 1822- Jan 1, 1849

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