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 surf : waikiki, hawaii 


The South Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

The crediting of first surfing on the South Shore of Oahu is obviously pointless in that these surfers predate any recorded history. However given the decline of surfing in the period 1800 to 1900, some breaks may have been surfed with no previous knowledge. An excellent example is Duke Kahanamoku riding from Outside Castles to Queens circa 1938 - it is unlikely that he would have had other's surfing experience to refer to. Hall/Ambrose pages 52 - 54. Alternatively one new break was created in the 1960s? - Ala Moana Boat Harbour entrance.

Wally Froiseth and Hot Curl Board,
Castles - First Break, Waikiki, circa 1938.
Photograph : Joe Quigg
Kelly, facing page 193

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First Surfers
Notable Days

Sophia Loren, Waikiki Beach 1967.
Filming A Countess from Hong Kong.

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