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Keith Paull
1. Keith Paull was a top Australian surfer 1965 to 1973.
see Paul Witzig Hot Generation.

2. Australian Champion 1968, beating both Farrelly and Nat.

3. Australian competitor at Puerto Rico World Contest, 1968.
see Paul Witzig Evolution.

4. Australian shapes for Hohnesee Surfboards (Queensland) and Peter Clarke Surfboards in the 1960's.

The cover of Jeff Carter's Surf Beaches of Australia’s East Coast (1968).
Keith Paull (1968 Australian Champion) goes right and Wayne Lynch (1968 Australian Junior Champion)  goes left.
Further shots from this session, probably shot in the lead up to the 1968 Australian Titles at The Gardens Narrabeen, are reprinted pages 121 to 128 and also include Nat Young, Midget Farrelly and Ted Spencer.

Keith Paull Happening 
Infitity graphic, 
Peter Clarke Surfboards,
circa 1967.

After winning the Australian Titles, Keith Paull visited England, introducing the most recent round-tail design to local surfers and manufacturers.
He surfed at
Newquay and Jersey and competed against Rod Sumpter at Porthtowan before meeting up with Greg MacGillivray, and Greg Freeman, Billy Hamilton and Mark Martinson in France.

Vintage Surfboard Collector UK


The Foil
design for
Bing Surfboards, USA.

Designed by Keith Paull, circa 1968 - 1970
Usually 7 to 8 ft, pin nose, round tail.
Commonly Waveset fin box and moulded plastic fin.
Commonly Australia theme logo, see below
A second generation short board following Vee bottoms, 1967-8.
Heavily promoted in the US, like many Australian designs in this period...
Midget Farrelly Stringerless andWorld Contest Model, by G&S Surfboards USA
Nat Young's Ski, by Weber Surfboards USA
Bob McTavish's Tracker, by Morey-Pope Surfboards USA.

Keith Paull (and Foil) starred in Greg MacGillivray, and Greg Freeman's Waves Of Change 1969
Unfortunately the original print was not available on video or DVD.
It was later re-cut, including considerable footage from their earlier films, for example the car race (naturally won by Mickey Dora) from Free and Easy, and re-written for release as The Sunshine Sea in 1971.

Keith Paull, France, 1968.
Photograph : MacGillivay-Freeman
Surfer Magazine November 1988 
Volume 29 Number 11 page 139

Keith Paull, Billy Hamilton and Mark Martinson, France, 1968.
Photograph : MacGillivay-Freeman
Surfing March 1984, Volume 20 Number 3 page 99.
Originally published in  Surfer September 1969, Volume 10 Number 4.

Keith Paull, Domes, Puerto Rico 1968.

Photo: Barry Church

Keith Paull like a rubber bird airborne in the Makaha backwash. (Brewer)
  Volume 11 Number 2 page 84, May 1970
First Annual End of the World Issue.

Keith Paull: France, 1968.
Photograph : MacGillivay

Major Hawaiian performance, huge Makaha 1969.

Randy Rarrick credits Keith Paull as the first surfer to ride Supertubes, South Africa.

Keith Paull Designs
Keith Paull Surfboards, Kirra Qld circa 1970 -1972.
Harmony Surfboards , Kirra Qld circa 1972 -1976.
Sponsored surfers included Rabbit Batholomew and Guy Omerod.Gold Coast

Keith Paull Designs decal contributed by Peter Coonors, February 2010.

Keith Paull, circa 1973 decal contributed by Sammy, March 2013.

 Keith suffered a major breakdown and ceased all surf activity circa 1975.
Passed away circa 2004.
Reference :  Chris Bystrom : The Sleeper (A Retospective) : Pacfic Longboarder Vol 2 n1 pages 32-45
Prepared in response to an inquiry about The Foil, by Matt S. Dingwall
Recreation Coordinator, City of Newport Beach
SURFER v10 n1
March 1969

SURFER Volume 10  Number 1March 1969
Keith Paull article STYLISTIC EVOLUTION, page 56 +  photos and ads.
Also World Contest Facts and Figures article:
HAWAII AND AUSTRALIA TIE IN WORLD CONTEST But Australia Wins On Extra Digits, page 60.
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