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MR - Mark Richards
Mark Richards
Born at Newcastle, 7 March 1957

Source Document
1978 Mark Richards : Get the Real Thing - A Personal Twin Fin Design History
Surfer Volume 19 Number 4, November 1978. Page 65.

Mark Richards and Gordon Woods Custom Surfboard, 
Blacksmiths Beach, Newcastle circa 1963.
Photograph : Richards' Family
Knox, page 13.

Ray Richards Surf Shop
755 Hunter Street, Newcastle.
Phone ?? 3088.
Probably made by a Sydney manufacturer.
Ray Richards was the father of multi-World Champion, Mark Richards.
Decal thanks to Snazzy, January 2019.

Mark Richards and Gordon Woods Vee bottom, 
Blacksmiths Beach, Newcastle, 
Christmas Day 1967.
Photograph : Richards' Family
Knox, page 30.
Note the hourglass deck patch.

In December 2016, Mark posted the image and blogged:
Is this the best “Poo Man” stance start to a cut back you have ever seen ??
Blacksmiths Beach south of Newcastle in 1968, I Was 11 years old.
The board is a Gordon Woods shaped by Bob “Kenno” Kennerson.
It was a single fin with very parallel rails, a wide diamond tail & a massive Vee bottom.
I can’t remember how long it was & I wish I still had the board.

Mark Richards, Backdoor Pipeline, 1975.
Photograph : Dan Merkel
Surfing Magazine March 1984
Volume 20 Number 3 page 111.

Mark Richards and Stinger Quiver 
Plus a Twin Fin, 1977.
Photograph : Hugh McLeod
Surfing World magazine, July 1977. 
Volume 25  Number 3  page 12.

Mark's quiver of picture boards, 
shaped by Ben Apia and Dick Brewer.
Airbrush sprays by Albert Dove.

Mark Richards and  6ft 4'' Twin, Off The Wall, 1977.
Photograph : Lance Trout
Surfing  Magazine June-July 1978. Volume 14 Number 3, page 47

Mark Richards and  6ft 4'' Twin, Off The Wall, 1977.
Photograph : Lance Trout
Surfing  Magazine February 1980.v 16 n 2, page 90.

Order details for  a 7ft 8'' Wing Pin from Reno Abellira, circa 1977.

Note: Reno records the length as:
7' 8'' dead on measured along bottom.

Mark Richards and Twin Fin - Shaun Tomson and Single Fin
 Off The Wall, December 1977.
Photograph :Lance Trout
Surfing Magazine March 1984 Volume 20 Number 3 page 123. 
Mark Richards and 6 ft 4'' Twin fin, 1978.
Photograph : Aitionn
Surfing World magazine, April 1979. 
Volume 27 Number 6  page 44

Mark Richards, 6ft Green and Blue Board,
Mereweather, Newcastle, 1978.
Photograph : ?
? Magazine March 1984 ?
? Volume 20 Number 3 page 111.?

Mark Richards Twin fin Model for Gordon and Smith Surfboards, California,1979.
Probably Surfer magazine.

1980 Feb

#43p MR's
          Apia/Brewer Stingers, circa 1976
Mark Richards and Stinger and Twin Quiver, circa 1979.
Photograph by Peter Booskovic.
Printed in The Australian Surfers Journal
Vol 1 #  3 Winter 1998 page 44  -
Knox, David : 
Mark Richards : A Surfing Legend
Collins Angus & Robertson Publishers Pty. Ltd.
25 – 31 Ryde Road. Pymble NSW 2073 Australia 1992
Hard cover, 178 pages, 25 colour plates, 41 b/w photographs, chronology, index. 
A straightforward biography about a straightforward surfer, (and I mean straight!) contrast with Noll, Hakman and the contemporary Rabbit. Early photographs are very interesting – surf-o-plane, V-bottoms and hanging five. Colour plates have previously appeared in a plethora of publications. Unfortunately absent are 1970’s quiver photographs (Reno pins, Apia stings and MR twins) and the classic drop in on Shaun Thomson at Off-the-Wall circa 1976. 


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Geoff Cater (2000-2019) : Mark Richards.