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Joey Cabell

Duke Kahanamoku and Joey Cabell.

World Tittles Awards, Many Beach, 17 May 1964 .
Photograph by Ron Perrott.
Joey Cabell, Angourie, 1964.                                                 Joey Cabell, Surfer v5n5 November 1964

The Duke Kahanamoku surfboards were less than a premium product, for this shot Fred recalls that he had his current shaper add the Duke decal to his board.

Duke Kahahamoku Surf Team 1965:

Paul Strauch, Joey Cabell, Fred Hemmings and

Peru World Contest, 1965.
Joey, Cabell, Felipe Pomar,
George Downing, Midget Farrelly.

Winter 1967

Joey Cabell - Surfing at its best, Makaha. Photo: Leroy Grannis.

Joey Cabell and George Downing, Haleiwa. Photo: Leroy Grannis.

Joey Cabell, Haleiwa. Photo: Tim McCullough

Joey Cabell, Haleiwa. Photo: Leroy Grannis.

Joey Cabell and the Grey Ghost
, 1969.
Photo: Rusty Miller

Joey Cabell,
Semi Final 3,
World Contest,

Domes, Puerto
Rico, November 1968.

Cabell is riding David Nuuhiwa's board, substituted after breaking his fin.
Nuuhiwa surfed in the first semi-final

Volume 1 Number ?
February 1969.
Page 27

Joey Cabell,

Photo: Ray Emergy from "Young Hawaii."

Surfing World
13 Number 1 page 44.

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