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The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, 1969.
While t
he progressive reduction of volume and refinement of  surfboard design, began in Brookvale in late 1967 and endorsed at the 1968 World Contest in Puerto Rico, continued to advance surfing performance during 1969, in retrospect, most significant contribution was to come from George Greenough.
The title of his film, the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun (1970) indicated the future direction of advanced performance, riding inside the tube, as brilliantly conceived and executed in the closing sequence, The Coming of the Dawn.
Filmed mostly at Lennox Head and Rincon, this masterpiece was invariably misunderstood by the uninitiated and is easily dismissed by those with no comprehension of history.
As of 2014, miniaturisation and digital photography have made comparable footage commonplace.
The required surfing skills of these "photographers," however, are simply a pale imitation of those demonstrated by Greenough in 1969.

Nat on his pintails:
Subsequently he had two gun boards built or the Hawaiian winter of 1968-1969:

"My two Weber guns were there waiting for me with Randy Rarick and as I lifted them from the nose and looked down the curves, I could see that (Weber's top shaper, Harold) Iggy had done a great job.
They had the traditional Hawaiian big-wave board outlines and the hard low rail popular at the time - lying there all ready to go, the boards looked like a pair of racehorses.
Both were finished identically with a big Weber sun sticker on the deck, but the best thing about them was that they had fins that had been fibreglassed on; fins I'd sanded myself in California last summer."
-Young: Nat's Nat (1998) page 202.
Young placed 5th in the final of that season's Duke Kahanamoku Contest and certainly made an impression on the magazine photographers, a Ron Stoner photograph of a slashing cutback at Sunset Beach used for Surfer magazine's (possibly) first fold out cover (Volume 10 Number 3 July 1969).

Nat Young, Haleiwa, Winter 1968.
Photo: Ron Stoner
Volume 10 Number 3 July 1969


Patent Title: Surfboard With Removable Skeg
Inventor Name: Thomas H. Morey; Karl D. Pope
Year Issued: January 21 1969
Item Number: 11970

Surfing World Volume 11 Number 2 1969
Six leading Australian surfers select their favorite performers:
David Treloar: John Otton, Butch Cooney, Peter Cornish, Midget Farrelly, Alan Spargo, Bruce Channon.
Bruce Channon: Wayne Lynch, Keith Paull, Richard Harvey, Midget Farrelly, Peter Cornish, Ian Goodacre.
Bernard Farrelly: George Downing, Bobby Brown, Keith Paull, John Connors, Joey Cabell, Wayne Lynch.
Mark Smith: Colin Hammond, Robert Melling, Gordon Merchant, Keith Paull, Robert Conneely, Judy Trimm.
Bob Evans: Midget Farrelly, Phil Edwards, Nat Young, Goerge Downing, Peter Drouyn.
Kevin Platt: The Sheer Delight Of Being Covered By The Curl
Lester Brien Richard Kavanaugh: The two sides of… Leonardo da Kav.
A comparison with George Greenough/Ron Realph! No Thanks. It starts Too Manny Arguments. John Russel. Talks about his abilities and influence, the stage 3 fin and spoons 3pages.
John Hogan: Mechanism.
Tim Murdoch: Somethings happening- the changes in board shapes and what is happening in New Zealand, particularly Wayne Parks.

Suntex Catalina: Spirit of the Sun- the ’69 look (surfing trunks)

Joey Cabell shaped the White Ghost surfboard in early 1969.
An 8’3 foot long, 4” thick, with down rails, the White Ghost was a speed spear.
Designed for maximum speed, the surfboard would help Joey win the 1969 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surf Classic at Sunset Beach, despite competing with a broken rib during the Finals.

The white surfboard that I won the 1969 Duke with, there was no other surfboard that fast in the world. Period.
Not even close. I shaped the board as I was passing through Huntington Beach at Plastic Fantastic.
The board was 18 and a half inches wide. I didn’t name the surfboard.
Everyone around me in Hanalei just started calling it the White Ghost.
After I won the Duke, the White Ghost never got ridden again. It had served its purpose.

California surfer Rusty Miller, himself a Duke finalist in the 1967 and 1968 contests, snapped this now iconic photograph of Joey and the White Ghost at the 1969 contest.

1969 White Kite by Ted Spencer (Shane).
6 ft x 19" with 8" diamondtail.50/50 rails at nose,soft in centre and hard at the tail.S deck.glueline stringer.

M.Shane Steadman/Terry Fitzgerald ? in Modern World,1971 
1969 Speed Roundtail :
7 ft X 19" refinement by Midget Farrelly. Foiled template hard rails in tail and glueline/stringer. Impeccable finish.

M. Farrelly ads in Surfing World , Vol x  #x and #x,1969

1969 North Coast Speed :Bob McTavish/Garry Keyes/Chris Brock (Wilderness Surfboards)
Sub 7 ft X 19" Tracker refinement, stringers, tail patches.Greenough fin

M. Photographic essay in Surfing World, Vol x #x

1969 Egg/Super Stubby
Usually identified with Nat Young (Keyo) and Wayne Lynch (John Arnold)
A double ender with soft rails and large fin, S deck, tailpatches
Starting around 6ft 6'', both surfers progressively reduced their lengths, down to  5 ft 6"
by 1970
F. Sea of Joy

1969 Side Slipper -DownRailer : developed by Midget Farrelly, featured soft down rails from nose to tail, flat bottom,super kicked roundednose and finbox with small fin. 7 ft 6" X 20 1/2"with a 4" pod.
F. Sea of Joy - hyper knicked nose model ridden, but not using sideslipping technique, by Reno Abellira at Johanna and Angourie.
F.  Pacific Vibrations - various riders use side slipping technique throughout the film, the most outstanding being Merv Larsen, riding a finless surfski with seatbelt.

1969 Hull 6 ft x 20" wide tailed single fin with faired chine rail panels from nose to mid point, derived from Greenough’s Spoon design. Boards by Chris Brock/Garry Keyes at Wilderness Surfboards, Ted Spencer at Shane Surfboards and Robert Coneely at Hayden Surfboards.

Surfing World Volume 12 Number 3   (April) 1969
David Knox: Robert Lynch
John Hodges, Bob Evans: Bells Beach Contest, with Wayne Lynch, Peter Drouyn, Bill Mooney, David Treloar, Ted Spencer, Butch Cooney, Bruce Channon and Wayne Williams, in BP competition singlets
New South Wales Surfriding Championships, with Kevin Brennan , Richard Harvey , Frank Latta and Nat Young
Murdering Beach, New Zealand
,Herbie Jefferson- The Jefferson Flyer, speed track dirt motorbike rider and surfer.

Gordon Woods Surfboards
Midget Farrelly
Bill Wallace Surfboards
Nipper Williams Surfboards, David Treloar model
Shane Surfboards, 
"Happiness is a White Kite" -Ted Spencer model
Keyo Surfboards, with adjustable fin box.

Weber Surfboards, 1968.
Nat Young Ski, right.
International Surfing
Volume 5 Number 2, May1969

1969 Surfing World Volume 12 Number 5 (?)
Angourie: A place to see...and be - Greenough ,McTavish, Platt, Keyes, Brock and Purchase.
Kevin Platt: The Sea , Waves and The Places.
Peter Cornish: Mullaway
Kevin Platt: The Equipment and Everyoneofus.
John Hogan: Waves can do that thing to me.
Bob Evans: Tamarind (Bay)
Midget Farrelly: [On drugs]
Gordon Woods
Splashdown movie
Col Smith Ron Wade Surfboards
Dale Surfboards

1969 Surf International Volume 2 Number 8 August

Newcastle Contest - Ted Spencer 1st
Others: Peter Cornish, Colin Smith, David Treloar, Terry Fizgerald, and juniors Kevin Brennan, Mark Warren
Francis Dylan: What's Happening Now - Design
wins the “” (with fine double spreads) highlighting the radical surfing of  and others.
Bop: Tommy by The Who
Paul Carey: Has Surfing Reached an Age of  Responsibility?
Brad Mayes: The Schoolboys, contest at Manly Beach.
Enviroment: Rutile Mining.
1969 Surfing World Volume 12 Number 6 [September]
Kevin Platt: The Basics of Form and Design..
Bob Evans: New Zealand.
Geoff McCoy: Narrabeen.
Albert Falzon: Winansea Contest.
Art Taylor: Barbados.
Film: Bob Evans' Splashdown.
Advertisements: Farrelley Surfboards, Peter Drouyn Surfboards, Rip Curl Surfboards, Surf Design Surfboards.

1969 Slab Kneeboard
First designed (probably) by Peter Crawford at Wallace Surfboards as a high flotation alternative to Greenough’s Spoon.
Named by Midget Farrelly.
Approximately 5 ft x 22" with Waveset finbox, this design has current application and has had a full range of fin setups.

The Canberra Times
4 October 1969, page 24.


SURF boards, 1 Woods Pin [tail] 8ft 2in, exc cond $70, 1 Clark stubby [v-bottom], suit beginnner, good cond $50.

SURFBOARDS, second hand trackers, 2 Gordon Woods, 1 Gordon and Smith good cond.
1 summer surf shape and 2 pintails all priced be tween $60 to $70, also 2 stubbies 1 for $30 and $40.
Prices Newsagency, Civic opp Mall 42914.

SURFBOARDS, new by Farrelly, Dale and Woods, custom orders 2 to 3 weeks del.
Prices Newsagency, Civic

1969 'Advertising.', The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), 4 October, p. 24, viewed 13 May, 2015,
Surfing World 1969 Volume 13 Number 1.
Cover: Col Smith (NN), Keyo surfboard, Angourie.

Richard Kavanaugh: Newcastle, featuring Terry Fitzgerald, Neil Purchase, David Treloar, Wayne Williams, K
evin Parkinson, and Ted Spencer 1st, who recently designed and shaped his latest creation The White Kite.
John Hogan: Queensland Liquid
Bud Browne: Yesterday-  history of Big Wave surfing with Ricky Grigg, Buzzy Trent, George Downing, Pat Curren and Mike Doyle.
This article is an extracted from Peter Dixon's Men Who Ride Mountains (1969).

Midget Farrelly
: [On contests]
Joey Cabell, with a very narrow single fin big wave gun surfboard.

Gordon Woods Surfboards

Streets Icecream
Scott Dillon Surfboards
Slipcheck: The magnificent seven (colours)
Surfboards, Bob McTavish shapes.
Klemm Bell Surfboards: Fledge
John Monie Custom Surfboards
Keyo Surfboards

Photographs from Hawaii, Winter 1969.
v10 n6 1970 Jan

Page 49- Waimea Bay

Page 49- Jock Sutherland at Haleiwa inaugurating the era of the side-slip.

Pages 58/59- Jock Sutherland messing around at Sunset where most people run for their lives.

Mark Martinson : Pupukea

Page 55- Nat Young : Sunset Beach

Page 66- Nat Young : Haleiwa

Normally considered a hot goofy-footer, normally considered a left-hand wave:

Jock Sutherland at Pipeline, winter 1969.

Centre spread:
Surfer, March 1970
Volume Number, page

Surfing World
Volume 14 Number 2 1970
The 1970 World Championships
Ben Apia, Gerry Lopez, Paul Strauch, John Witzig, David Treloar, Geoff Lutton, Mike Purpus, Corky Carroll, Rusty Miller, Midget Farrelly, Bob Mills.
Farrelly Surfboards: The Sideslipper Evolves
Hutchinson Surfboards
George Greenough’s Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

Tracks by Bob Evans
In Natural Flow
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