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1965 to 1966
Surfing World January 1965 Volume 5 Number 5.
Bob Evans, photographs by John Pennings: North Narrabeen, Once known as Shark Alley ... in 1940 to 1952 visitors from Bondi included Roy Ferguson , Zell Frack , Sammy Cohen , Gordon Woods , Frankie Stroud , Bluey Mayes and Ray Young.
Alby Falzon: Fraezer (sic) Park.
Bob Evans, photographs by Alby Falzon: Cabarita
Alan Godfrey: Great Exhibition Bay, New Zealand.

Midget Farrelly Surf-skates, featuring the
Custom, the Junior and the Competition MK II
Gordon Woods Surfboards
B.V.D Promotions, makers of Bower Boy Surf Wax
Surf Dive and Ski, 411 George Street Sydney, Custom boards by McDonagh and Bennett, also Keyo,
Casey, Dale, and Wallace.
Cooley Skateboards
Ron Surfboards with Ken Adler taking a 5 stringer big wave gun to Hawaii for competitions at Waimea and Sunset.
Surf Shirts,
mail order coupon for Makaha tee-shirt (22/-), Surf Decals (16/-) and the Tunnel Fin (64/-) recommended by Robert Conneely, Australian Junior Champion.
The Endless Summer
Krazy 'T'-Shirts
Surfing World: Volumes 1 and 2  in hard cover binder with gold lettering-  A Collectors Item.
BMC: Morris 850

Surfing World
January 1965 Volume 5 Number 5, page 28.

US Television: The Baileys of Balboa, screened January 21, 1965.
Episode 16- Sam and the Surfers: A secret formula for treating surfboards leads to the kidnapping of a teenage chemistry wizard.
Michael J. Pollard guest stars as Sam's prodigy-nephew.
Sam: Paul Ford. Buck: Sterling Holloway. Jim: Les Brown Jr. Ginger: Stacey Maxwell. Phil: Gary Waynesmith.
Sue Casey?

The January-February edition of California's Surfing Illustrated contained an article by John Pennings on Crescent Head, New Zealand (!?!).

Surfing World
March 1965
French surfer with his surfboard with a leg-rope, or as the French would say Le Grope, clearly attached to his ankle.
Also note: Major Nigel Oxenden) but this is the earliest shot I can recall of a legrope,

Surfing World February 1965 Volume 5 Number 6 .
Bob Evans: Palm Beach, photographs of Kevin Platt, Midget, Russell Hughes, John Witzig and Chris Bommie Beecham.
Norm Harris: Cronulla Point, photographs of Gary Birdsall, Bobby Brown and Brian Jackson.
John Pennings: Ulladulla Golf Course Reef.
Paul Witzig: Skateboards - The Law and You
Surfing and Ballet,
cartoon by Bisso.
Postcards from Peru, including cartoon by Bisso.

Midget Farrelly Skateboards,
2 pages
Cooley Skateboards
Bruce Brown Films: The Endless Summer

Dee Why Surf Shops: Dale , Keyo , Scott Dillion , Wallace Bennett , McDonagh  and Gordon Woods Island model
Gordon Woods Surfboards:  Nat Young, Spit to Manly Race winner, and Robert Conneeley, 4th at Makaha
Peters Icecream: Sidewalk Sundae, featuring Robert Nat Young
BMC Morris 850 mini

1965 Stringerless by Midget Farrelly
-Peru World Championships
Nose lift, thin rails, light weight, George Greenough (US) fin-stage 1 
1965 July 4 Tom Morey Innvitational Noseriding Contest Ventura California.
'Won' by Mickey Munoz riding a Hobie Surfboard, shaped by Phil Edwards, featuring  flat nose rocker, kicked tail and a concave nose.
US designers went into overdrive in the develpoment of Noserider models:
The Eliminator by Greek Surfboards,
The Ugly by Con Surfboards,
The Penetrator by John Peck/Morey-Pope Surfboards,
The Performer by Weber Surfboards,
The Stretch by Gordon and Smith Surfboards.
Variously featuring flat nose rocker, narrow high kicked tails, concave and stepped noses, fin  variation (Hatchet fins byDewey Weber, Tunnel fin, The Fin Wing? ) and the first low rails (by Tom Morey, further development at Gordon and Smith Surfboards by Mike Hynson, Mike Haley and Skipp Frye).
A Nose patch became a common decor feature  -contest scoring was based on the time a rider could stand on a marked section of the front 25% of the board.
Manufacturers often added these, particually  to noseriding models, but many riders added the decor post-production.
This feature was a excellent marketing tool for Morey-Pope's coloured aerosol wax alternative -Slipcheck and competitor Grip-something.?
This was the first professional contest - 25 invitees, purse of $1500.oo.
This was the first objective contest - the rider scoring against the clock. A ride of 20 seconds was/is outstanding.See Notes About Surfing.
Phil Edwards' design and  the host of variations were exported to Australia by  late1965.
Kampion page 103 -104
Nat/History. page 100 -101
Phil Edwards/Hobie Surboards Noserider Plans
1965  George Greenough’s Spoon (US) flexible kneeboard - Velo  SS. Clear flex bottom, molded from Velo 1 (a spooned deck balsa kneeboard, 1962?), added foam rails and Stage II fin. Red pigment rails and fin reinforcement. The board was warped during construction (asymmetric). 5 ft x 22 inches, 14 inch pod ?.
Hot Generation
Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
Crystal Voyager.
Australian Surfers Journal Vol2 #2 pages 72 and 86 
Surfabout Volume 2 Number 9 Summer 1964-1965
Oak Park - Southside Bells - Mile Paddle Race (see below) - Hawaii - Coogee - Big Surf - Centrefold
Advertisements: Scott Dillon Surfboards


Australia's first surfboard paddle race
Clontarf Beach to Manly

Surfabout, Volume 2, Number 9, 1965 page 15.

The first surfboard paddle race to be contested in Australia was held on Saturday, 23rd January, 1965, when approximately 100 board riders lined up at Clontarf Beach, Sydney.

The race commenced at 10 a.m. from the northern end of Clontarf Beach, just opposite the Spit.
Each rider had to lie on his back on the beach and on the signal to start had to run some fifty yards to the water's edge, pick up his board and commence to paddle.
Competitors paddled cast towards the Sydney Heads, keeping close to the shore line to Grotto Point.
They then kept on the outside of the bombora marker off Dobroyd Head, then raced to a buoy in North Harbour and then on to the finish at the swimming pool causeway at Manly Cove.
First prize was an air ticket to Lima, Peru, and the honour of representing Australia in the World Surf Riding Championships to be held in Peru in February.
Second and third prizes of £25 and £15 were donated to the riders' clubs.
A team prize of £50 to the club and a trophy was presented to the first live members of the winning club.
All three individual prize winners also received a Milo Silver Medallion. Alderman W. Nicholas. Mayor of Manly, presented the awards.
The competition was an outstanding feature of the Manly "Festival of Pines" week.
Winners of the Milo paddle race were: Nat Young, Collaroy Surfriders* Associa­tion 1st; W. Graham, Bronte Surfriders' Association 2nd; P. O'Brien. Bronte Surfriders* Association 3rd.
The teams event went to Manly-Pacific Surfriders' Association.
The event was organised by the Aus­tralian Surfriders' Association.
The manner in which all sections of the event was carried out reflects credit on those people responsible for the work that went into promoting and bringing the event to its successful fruition.

1965 Gordon and Smith-Stretch Model 9’ 10”
The Stretch Model was designed by Mike Hynson (of The Endless Summer fame) and Skip Frye following the very successful Hynson Red Fin Model. One of the best noseriders of the time, very few have survived in any condition. This seldom seen Stretch model is in a condition not often seen, bright volan green hue and glassed on fin. A few repaired spots on the tail and nose tips.
Brian Powell, North Bondi SLSC member, 
takes a large wave on a surfoplane
at Ben Buckler, Bondi Beach, August 1966.
Elder: North Bondi SLSC (2006) page 145.

International Surfing February 1965
Waimea in the 1950s.
Visiting South Bay, featuring Manhattan Pier,Redondo Breakwater,Hermosa.
Surfing Down Under, Scott Dillon at Bare Island, Narrabeen, Greenmount, Wingdang Island and Crescent Heads.
Toes Over
Profile: Richard Chew Photos of  surfing at  . This mag has an article on early

Peck and Van Artsdalen at Haleiwa
Motorised skateboards.

Birdwell Beach Britches,
Katin Canvas
Val Surf
Greek Surfboards.

Surfer 1965 Volume 5. Number 4.
Australian World Contest: Manly, Midget Farrelly 1st.
Jeff Hackman
Midget Farrelly
The Trestles Story
Dewey Weber Surfboads
Hansen Surfboards
O'Neill Wetsuits

Hobie Surfboards:
What are they talking about?
Joey Hamaski, Joyce Hoffman, Mickey Munoz, Phil Edwards and Billy Hamilton.
Surfer, September 1965, page 1.

Surfing World June 1965 Volume 6 Number 3.
Shelley Beach- The Beach They Pass By to get to Sandshoes
Norm Harris: Horse Shoe Beach (South Coast, NSW)
Ben Cropp
: The Day I'm Glad I Wasn't Surfing,  with pictures of a whale shark.
Alby Falzon: A Way With the Waves, Bobby Brown, Brian Jackson, Frank Latta and Gary Birdsall describe their boards, styles of surfing and breaks.
Nat Young: Ecuador, with Bob Evans , Mike Doyle and Ken Adler with the photo's from Bob Evans' The Long Way Round.
Centre fold: Frank Latta ? 3 pages on  . 3 pages by Shark Hunter titled "rk .
Around the Clubs, including Newcastle Girls Surf Club with Margaret Morse , Julie Peterson and Sue Pryor.
Skateboard contest off to a fine start

Midget Farrelly windbreaker jacket and wooden skateboards.

Surfing World July August 1965 Volume 6 Number 4 .
Interview (Alby Falzon): Bob Pike, notes
Pat Curren board, Pipeline in 1961 and 1963 and Avalanche  with Buzzy Trent, George Downing and Fred Van Dyke.
The National Championships.
Ian Wilson: Winter In Victoria
South to North Durras.
Dave Milnes: The Oil Piers, Port Kembla.

Dee Why SC verses Windansea
The Cliff of Newcastle
Midget Farrelly Surf Skates
Gordon Woods Surfboards, Nat Young Model.

Midget Farrelly windbreaker jacket
Dale Surfboards
Surfriders by L. and J. Platt
Canadian Airlines

Surfabout Magazine Volume 2 Number 12 Spring 1965.
Cover: Ian Wallace, Makaha by Le Roy Grannis (sic).
Surfabout Personality: Midget Farrelly.
Barrie Sutherland: Fisho's (Fishermans Beach, Torquay)
, photographs of Mick Dooley & Nipper Williams.
Bob Weeks: Angourie, featuring Peter Pike (brother of Bob Pike) and caretaker Alex Campbell.
John Arnold: Adelaide's Magic Surf Spots, with Malcolm Lock at Moana Trough and a hand drawn map of the Mid Coast surf spots.
(Seaford Reef = Robinson Point , U Turns = Horse Shoes and Fred Nerks = Rocky Point.).
Snapper Rocks.
Bill Thwaites: Tasmania.

Page 24: Current South Australian Senior Men's Champion Bill Johnson:
Bill rides a 10ft long x 22 inc. wide McDonaugh slightly thinner than average and about 28 lbs. in weight.
His favourite spot is Seaford (30 miles south of Adelaide) ... Whenever possible he likes to travel to York Peninsular or to the "Bight" area near Ceduna 500 miles from Adelaide "where you can get good thin waves to yourself."
Bill is a member of the "Day Street Surf Club."

Gordon Woods Surfboards: Triple redwood stringer with the Morey-Pope polypropylene Nylon dork fin.
Barry Bennett Surfboards: Owner and Shaper- Barry Bennett, Shaper- Wayne Burton, Glasser- John Williams, Phil Jaques Glosser,
Sander- Mick McMahon, Blower- Warren Holmes, and Vice-Blower- Tony Dunn.

Keyo Surfboards: Nylon dork fin.
Qantas: V Jet surfboards by Norm Casey Surfboards and Tyglas fiberglass- especially  were built for the crews to use in Waikiki.
Scott Dillon Surfboards
Surfboards Hawai, exclusively from the Sydney Surf Centre and Alders Surf Shop, Brisbane.
Taft Spray Jackets.
Weiss Surfboards.
Surfriders Board Shorts by Platt
The Summer Search, US surf film.
Ron Surfboards.
McDonagh Surfboards, page 25:
South Australian Titles at Seaford Beach:
1st Open Men - Bill Johnson; 1st Open Women - Jan Holmes; 1st Junior Men - Greg Frost.
Western Australian Titles at Scarborough Beach (photo):
1st Open Men - Murray Smith; 1st Open Women - Jenny Shackley; 2nd Junior Men - Dig Dagelli.

Surfabout v2 n12 1965

Surfing World Volume 6 number 5 , September 1965 .
Noosa Heads
Barrie Sutherland: The Greatest Contest Ever, Bells Beach Easter
Open finalists- 1st Robert Conneelley, 2nd Nat Young, 3rd Jeff Watt, =4th Glen Ritchie and Nipper Williams, also Terry Wall, Rod Brooks,  Pat Morgan and Dick Milledge.
North Steyne
Jack Keegan: The Long Way Round, film review.
Bisso Cartoon
Rincon is Where You Find It: Interviews with Nat Young, Midget Farrelly and Kevin Platt discussing their favourite waves.


Bob Evans:
The Long Way Round
Midget Farrelly Surf Wear
Keyo Surfboards, 2nd hand board sale 1st September.
Parkview Surf Shop, featuring Vic Tantau
Surf Cuff Links

Surfing World Magazine Volume 7 Number 2 December 1965 .
Cover: Surf catamarans at Coolangatta
Russ Sheppard: Making of a surf movie on 8 mm
Bob McTavish: Functional Sub-Styles
Vince Hayes: The Quick Cats Of Kirra, with Joe Larkin.
John Pennings: Ten Foot and Glassy ... at North Narrabeen,  with Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Kevin Platt and some South Australian surfers.
Crescent Head
AMPOL surfboard wax: Stamp Out Wipeouts! 2/6 or $0.25, 1/2 lb.
McDonagh Surfboards: Sand Surf Skim Boards the Sand Surfa Skid Board and the McDonagh cap.
Belly Boards by Barry Hutchins
, 67 Cheltenman Road, Burwood, NSW, 74-0381
Parkview Surf Shop: Vic Tantu, George Rice Surfboards
Keyo Surfboards

Wallace Surfboards
Ron Surfboards, with reverse D fin
BMC Mini

Surfabout - Volume 3 Number 1 1965
Jack Eden: Fabulous Makaha
Crescent Head Pictorial
Cronulla Board Riders Club
Skate Boarding Boom
Surf cartoon
Belly Boards (plywood)
Film: Kings of Wild Waves
Gordon Woods

Wallace Surfboards
Ray Woosley
Surf Dive and Ski
Bower boy Surf Wax
Hang Ten Surf Wax

1965 December Nautilas or Cuttlefish by Nat Young at Gordon Woods Surfboards.
Greenough spoon nose, foam centre and flex tail. 8 ft x 23".
Dubbed "Nat’s Folly" by Midget Farrelly
The original board is part of the Scott Dillon Surfing Museum collection.
Carter pages 26-27,
Nat's Nat .pages 
1966 Sam
1966 World Championship (San Diego, California) winning board of Nat Young.
Manufactured at Gordon Woods Surfboards (diamond decal), December-January 1966.
Shaped by Nat Young, clear with ½” redwood stringer, Volan glassed with wide rail lap by Darryl Holmes.
Length 9ft 4”, Width 22”, Wide point –ve 6”, Thickness 2 ½”
Thin egg rails, flat nose with rounded bottom deepest in front of the fin.
Thirty six layer Greenough Stage III fin.
First ridden at The Kick, Collaroy.
The board disappeared during the post contest celebrations.
Initially derived from a Joey Cabell design, it developed at the Noosa sessions late 1965 with George Greenough, Bob McTavish, Russell Hughes and Bob Cooper, based at Hayden Kenny Surfboards, and subsequently Cord Surfboards, Alexandria Headlands.

Many Australian designers were producing similar designs – all of those mentioned above and Midget Farrelly (see Stringerless model), Keith Paull, Bobby Brown, Peter Drouyn, and others; but Nat Young’s win saw the design exposed internationally as well as becoming the accepted common design in Australia.

Since the design directly preceded the sub 9ft Vee-bottom design, it is now considered the last of the original Malibus/Longboards.

Design known in New Zealand as a Thin Rail.
This has been subsequently adopted by Australian board collectors as a decriptive term of this design.

Not to be confused with a Mid 1980's Modern Malibu design by Nat Young featured a Sam - an old friend decal, manufactured by Mike Davis Surfboards, Kiama.
Nat Young ‘Nat’s Nat and that’s that’ 1998 pp 110 to 145.
McGillvary and Freeman : Free and Easy,1967.
Keyo example #36

George Samama and Fred Van Dyke
Waimea Bay
Shot from the water by Dr Don James.

International Surfing
December 1965
Volume 2 Number 1

Surfabout v3 n2 1965-1966?
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