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midget farrelly
1963 to 1966
        Farrelly, Curl Curl Beach circa 1963 Photo: Perrott?
Midget Farrelly and Makaha Trophy, December 1962.
Photograph : Ron Church
Reprinted in Australian Longboard Magazine June 2004 Page x
Dec 1962Makaha International Championship, Hawaii.
1st Midget Farrelly Women Nancy Nelson USA 
Sun-Herald circa November1963 'Young World' and has a large article by Midget Farrelly "Learn to master the turn" the article is a series called "SURFING with Midget Farrelly " . There is a small article on the Australian surf team at the Makaha International Surfing Championship , where Bob Boot of Mona Vale was the first of the Australians to ride the Famous Waimea Bay , i always thought Bob Pike was the first of the Aussie's to surf Waimea ?

1963 January 2 Makaha Contest Midget Farrelly 9 ft 7” Hot Dog balsa at Keyo Surfboards. Makaha Championship winning board. 
Makaha, Won by Midget Farrelly from Australia.

Surfing Illustrated (USA) Volume 1 Number 2  Spring 1963
Surfer Bi-Monthly (U.S.A)  Volume 4 Number 1, 1963
Surfing World Volume 2 Number 1  March  1963.

Trevarno Glass Fabric
Surfing World
Volume 1 Number 5  January  1963.

1963  Keyo Surfboards “International Custom” model-Midget’s Makaha trophy decal  dorsal fin 

Advertisement :The Victorian Surfer Volume 1 Number 3 March 1963.
For "BIG GUN" and Midget Surfboards insist on BALSA.

1963 Speed board by Midget Farrelly via Phil Edwards(US) 10ft6”Multi stringers,tail blocks at Gordon Woods Surfboards-as ridden by Nat Young via Mike Doyle(US)
P. Jack Eden 

Lester Brien, Cresent Head, NSW, circa 1963.
Photograph  By  Tony Denoon
Surfer Magazine, Volume 4 Number 1
February - March 1964 Page 63

Surfabout Volume 1 Number 4 1963
Cover: Rusty Miller, Sunset Beach by Dr. Don James.
Page 3:
Formation of ASA, with Midget Farrelly.
Surf registration to be 3 pounds.
Photograph of
Wal Carle's 1928 redwood  surfboard, and still manufacturing in 1963, compared with the modern Hydroplane designed by John Kelly and  Woody Brown.
[Jack Eden]: Sand Shoes, photographs of Frank Latta, John Wheels Williams and Alan Dorman.
Desmond Muirhead: Hawaii, from his surfing book Surfing in Hawaii.
Early surfing in New Zealand, Bing Copeland and ? visit from California in  1959, Gordon Woods made under licence, also Plasticraft and Quane Surfboards.
Portfolio of International Surfing
Bob Weeks: North Narrabeen, Bob Kennerson (centrefold), Midget Farrelly, Danny Keyo, Scott Dillion, and Bob Pike.
Rodney Waldeck, photographs by John Arnold:
Boomer Beach, South Australia.
1963 South Coast Championships, South Australia: 1st Brenton Walters, Bill Johnson 1st Juniors, Malcom Lock- biggest Wipeout.

Wal Carle Custom Surfboards, Cronulla,  page 8.
Gordon Woods Surfboards,
Nipper Williams with big wave gun, Glen Ritchie, surfing.
Arthur Milner Co.: Balsa wood supplies featuring Bob Pike, page 12.
Bruce Brown Films, Avalon: Waterlogged , Surfing Hollow Days , Barefoot Adventure , Slippery When Wet and Surf Crazy.
Bill Wallace Surfboards, Bill surfing at Bronte.
Keyo Surfboards, Keyo International shaped by Midget Farrelly.
Norm Casey Surfboards, Rockdale.
King Surfboards, Kirrawee.

Flashback . . .
The Board of '28!

The surf board of 1928, according to specifications on record, was a 9ft, slab of well seasoned, coarse-groined redwood tapered at the bow and stern.
A major drawback of course was its extreme cumbersomeness.
Mr. Wal Carle, Snr,, a surfboard manufacturer since 1928, told SURF-ABOUT that these boards retailed at £2/-/-  "plus a tin of varnish."

(Top right): One of the typical "slab type" redwood surfboards of 1928   taken at Bondi, NSW

(Bottom  right):   The surf-board of today.
A radical stepped-bottom Hydroplane design­ed by John  Kelly and Woody Brown.

Surfing World Monthly June 1963 Volume 2 Number 4 .
Cover: Micky Dora, photograph by Mick McMahon, wins a Haminex Pratki automatic 35mm camera.
Bob Evans: Boggingar Is Too Much
Bob Evans: The Butter Box, surfed since the 1940's by greats such as Bluey Mayes
Midget Farrelly: Avalon Contest, Nat Young 1st Juniors, Chest Board 1st Rod Stumpter,Bob McTavish on the microphone and disc jockey.
Photograph Contest Winner (Keyo custom made surfboard): Alby Falzon.
Shelly Beach
Midget Farrelly: Keep in Trim- "those little hot dog boards 8' long by 22" wide will get into all sorts of trouble."
Mike Hickey: We Found Hickey! (European champion 1963)
Bruce Brown: Water Logged, and tee-shirts (
Bare Foot Adventure),  Slippery When Wet  LP sound track by Bud Shank.
Beachwear by Hollywood
Gordon Woods Surfboards
BMC: Morris 850 ... yabbadabbadoo

1963 Duke Kahanamoku - Guest of honour at the 1963 Australian Championships, Bondi Beach, 22-23 November and promotional work for K.G. Murray Publishing Co.'s The Australian Sufrider.
Sun-Herald circa November1963 'Young World'
 Midget Farrelly: "Learn to master the turn", one in a series called "SURFING with Midget Farrelly " .
There is a small article on the Australian surf team at the Makaha International Surfing Championship.
"Bob Boot of Mona Vale was the first of the Australians to ride the Famous Waimea Bay".

Surfing World Volume 3 Number 1, September 1963, page 3.
I sincerely hope you continue your good work in promoting our great sport which I have greatly enjoyed even in our cold Victorian surfs.
Somehow I still have the feeling that females like myself who dare to "infiltrate" the surf with a board invite trouble from the opposite sex.
Why the Australian board men continue this stupid act is a mystery to me and others.
It is interesting to note that women more than hold their own with men in riding the waves of Hawaii, so how about an article on the prowess of the Australian females in a future issue?
It would be interesting to note the response.
Torak, Vic.
Would you please show some of your surfing films in Sydney's Western Suburbs?
We have to travel to Mosman for our closest look at these terrific films and I am sure you'd pack Parramatta Town Hall, and give surfing in Western Suburbs a lift, if you would come out this way.

Surfing World Magazine October 1963 Volume 3 Number 2.
The Birth of Board Riding, chapter reproduced from
Reg S. Harris' Heroes of the Surf, Manly Surf Life Saving Club.     
Alby Falzon: Look North Man, with Nat Young , Bobby Brown , Kevin Platt and Speed Gordon.
Stomp Stuff, LP albums reviews of My Son the Surf Nut, Hello Melvin,
The Lively Ones: Surfing Drums, and The Surfaris: Wipeout.
Narrabeen, featuring Denny Keogh, Wayne Burton, Russell Hughes..
Bob Evans: Elusive Currumbin.
Great Surfs of Australia: No. 3 Bondi , photographs of Kevin Brennan, Robert Kaneally (sic, Conneely), Chris Brock.
Honolulu Fever .  Cartoon
Surfing Down South at Warilla, Bobby Brown, map by
King Surfboards
Keyo Surfboards
Bud Browne: Gung Ho!
McDonagh Surfboards, Pipeline Surf Wax with high  grip formulation.
Ron Surfboards, the ''fastest'' board made.
The 1963 Surf Spectacular at the Sydney Stadium with music by The Bee Gees, The Atlantics, The Telstars, Laurel Lee, The Hall Brothers and The D-men with guest appearance by Midget Farrelly.

Surfing World November 1963 Volume 3 Number 3.
Cover: Crescent Head.

Dave Condon: No Man's Land, [Dee Why - Long Reef]
[Bob Evans]: Australian Invitation Championship 1963, includes an aerial photo of North Narrabeen
Great Surfs of Australia- No. 4 Dee Why, photographs by Ross McKelvie include Midget Farrelly, Bob McTavish.
Surfing World Mural: an aerial photo of Fairy Bower to Long Reef
Surfs of South Australia, photographs by Tom Ransom include Bill Johnson (State Junior Champion), Kings Head, Seaford, and Middleton Bay.
New Zealand's Piha
Film review: The Angry Sea by John Severson
Broken Head, includes a photograph of Nat Young
Bobby Brown: Valla Surf Beach
Artwork: painting by Stan De Teliga

Keyo Surfboards, featuring Makaha International Trophy Decal, won by Midget Farrelly in 1962 .

Sunday Telegraph: weekly columns by Bob Evans and Jack Bluey Mayes

Bruce Brown Films: Water Logged and Surfing Hollow Days
Bud Browne: Gun Ho!
Mick Simmons Surf Shop, 720 George Street, Haymarket [City]
Ampol: Surfboard Wax
Ron Surfboards

Sunday Telegraph December 8 , 1963
" Missing surfers .....Bob McTavish and David Chidgey off to Hawaii "

1963:  Immigration - Mr Hubert Opperman, was appointed Minister for Immigration in December 1963. He was a world cycling champion in the 1920's and 1930's and served in the Royal Australian Air Force during WW II. Hubert with his son, Ian, at Torquay, Vic. Ian is a keen surfboard rider
NAA: A12111

Scott Dillon Surfboards
Surfabout, Vol.2 , No. 7 1964 Cover
 Bob Pike is on in the cover shot.
Scott Dillon is reported as noting the board "was a balsa wood gun shaped in Hawaii for Bob Pike by Pat Curren.
This is the board that all subsequent Scott Dillon Point Break Models were modeled from"
The board is a Surfboards Hawaii, also possibly shaped by Dick Brewer.
See ASM, Manly SLSC.
Australian Sport and Surfriding 1964

Surfabout Volume 1 Number 6 1964 .
Note that the cover indicates Volume 2, a misprint.
Cover: Nat Young in Hawaii .

Dave Milnes: Surfing the Pier at Bellambi
[Bob Evans]: Spotlight on Hawaii, includes photograph belly boarder Lee Tingle.
North Narrabeen, photographs include Midget Farrelly.
Reg Blunt: South Africa
Tony Burgess: Western Australia
Bob Weeks: Shelley Beach
Pearl Turton: Girls Surf Talk
Toes on the Nose
, includes photograph of Dewey Weber, USA.

Barry Bennett Surfboards
John Rhodes, featuring a 7 stringer balsa-redwood reverse T-band.

Keyo Surfboards
Gordon Woods Surfboards: loading boards for Hawaii

[Rick Griffins'] Murphy the Surfie t-shirt 
George Rice and VicTantau Surfboards
Norm Casey Surfboards
Scott Dillion Surfboards: photographs of Scott at Sunset, Haleiwa, and Makaha Point.

Surfing World January 1964 Volume 3 Number 5.
over: Nat Young, Winner of the Invitational Australian Surfboard Championship.
John Pennings: Great Surfs of Australia- Bells Beach
Bob Evans: Some Great Riders of '63- Midget Farrelly, Jack Bluey Mayes, Peter Troy, Robert Connelly, Scott Dillion, Kevin Platt, Rodney Sumpter, Bobby Brown and Mick Dooley
Avoca surf beach
World Championships a Complete Farce, Makaha Contest, with Mike Doyle winning the paddle board race on a hollow balsa wood
American Surf breaks
Surfing World Girl: Kristine Binning
John Pennings: Mona Vale


Ron Surfboards
King Surfboards
Bill Wallace Surfboards
Midget Farrelly sunglasses
Surfboards Hawaii

H.G. Palmers:
Transistor Radios by Kriesler, Philips, AWA and HMV
Ampol Surfboard Wax
Bruce Brown: Water Logged

BMC: Morris 850 ... yabbadabbadoo

Surfing World February 1964 Volume 3 Number 6.
Top Beaches of '63- Palm Beach
, Back Angourie, Crescent, Woolgoolga, Coogee etc
Toes on Nose
Warriewood Drop

2UW (Radio)
Dale Surfboards- Custom Built by Les Patterson and Dave Passenger
Mick Simmons
Kennard Racks

Surf Guide February 1964
Cover: Midget Farrelly.
Interview: Bob Beadle and Jim Fitpatrick.
Surfing by the Golden Gate.
New Zealand Safari.
John Peck: On The Nose.
Tujour Le Surf,
Hurricane Ginny

Sun-Herald  May 10 1964  'Young World' section
Overview of the judging system and how points are to be allocated for the first World Surfing titles to be held at Manly. Phil Edwards and Buzzy Trent listed among the 7 judges .


1st World Surfboard Titles Program,
Manly, NSW, Australia May, 1964.
Reprinted in
Australian Longboard Magazine, June 2004.

World Contest area,
Many Beach, May 1964.
Photograph by Ron Perrott
Surfer Volume 5 Number 4 September 1964, pages 42 and 43.

Sponsored by Ampol Petroleum Limited in conjunction with
the Australian Surfriders Association.

1964 World Titles, Manly.
1st Open Midget Farrelly 1st Juniors Nat Young, Gordon Woods Surfboards, Surfabout Vol.2 , No. 7 1964.
Thin railed Hot Dog 9ft-9ft6” by Bob McTavish/Bob Cooper/Russell Hughes/Kevin Platt via Joey Cabell (US-World Championships Manly ‘64) at Hayden Surfboards.
Joey Cabell Model By McDonagh Surfboards.

P. Jack Eden
- Bob McTavish : Pods for Primates Part 1  in Tracks Magazine,1973.

1964 1st World Championships,
Manly Beach, NSW  (May 16 and 17).

1st Midget Farrelly
2nd Mike Doyle (USA)
3rd Joey Cabell (USA)
4th Bobby Brown,
5th Mick Dooley
6th L.J. Richards (USA).
1st Phyllis O’Donell
2nd Linda Benson (USA)
3rd Heather Nicholson
1st Robert Connelley
2nd Nat Young
3rd Wayne Cowper

Three Distinct World Contest Cut-Backs
(on multi-stringer boards)
Manly, 1964.



Mick Dooley (Joey Cabell paddling).

Below right:
Nat Young

Photographs by Ron Perrott

Volume 5 Number 4 September 1964,
pages 39, 46 and 47.

Final Results World Surfboard Championships. Manly Beach, NSW. May 16 and 17, 1964.
Manly Library  L.S.W. 797.32 AUS
Typed document, included in held copy of Contest Program.
Forwarded, with thanks, by Garry Crockett, August 2011.
1st. World Surfboard Championships
World Championship
1. Midget "Midget" Farrelly (Dee Why)
2. Mike Doyle (Long Beach, Calif.)
3. Joey Cabell (Newport Beach, Calif.)

Australian Senior Men's Championship
1. Midget  Farrelly (Dee Why)
2. Bobby Brown (Cronulla)
3. Mick Dooley (Manly)

Australian Junior Men's Championship
1. Robert Connelley (Bondi)
2. Nat Young (Collaroy)
3. Wayne Cowper (Maroubra)

Australian Women's Championship
1. Phyllis O’Donell (Kira, Qld.)
2. Linda Benson (Encinitas, Calif.)
3. Heather Nicholson (Coff's Harbour)

132 points 


118 1/2
87 1/2
80 1/4

90 1/4

1964 World Tittles Awards, Many Beach, 17th May 1964.
From left : Wayne Cowper, Robert Conneely, Nat Young, Mike Doyle, Midget Farrelly, Joey Cabell, Phyllis O’Donell, Linda Benson.
Photograph by Ron Perrott, Nat's History (1983), page 96.

Women board-riders were a rarity in 1960s magazines, sponsored riders even rarer.

Nancy Nelson, Makaha Champion 1962 and 1963.
Harbour Surfboards, California.

Surfer, April 1964 Volume 5 Number 2

1964 Bellyboard/Kneeboard by Barry Bennett - twin rounded keel fins. 
People Magazine

29 January 1964 Volume 14 Number 25
Cover story: "Girls Taming Waves"
People Magazine

24 February  1965 Volume 16 Number 1
Cover story: "The Surfing Addicts"
Surfing World  March 1964 Volume 4 Number 1 .
Cover- photo by Ross Mckelvie

Centre spread- Wayne Cowper, Palm Beach.
Surfing World photo contest
The Young Wave Hunters.
, photographs by John Pennings
Alby Falzon: Blue Bay
The Fairer Side of Surfing
Kennett's River, including Pat Morgan
Big Surf in Hawaii, photographs by Tom Keck including Jeff Hakman, Sunset Beach.
The Young Wave Hunters, featuring Mick Dooley , Kevin Platt , Midget Farrelly , Rod Sumpter , Bobby Brown , Glen Ritchie , Chris Beecham , Nat Young , Mick Mabbitt and Keith Southien .
Gordon Woods Surfboards, Nat Young model
Jackson & Cansdell, Caringbah and Corrimal
Mick Simmons Sport Stores .
W.W. Campbells Surf World, Dee Why, with boards from Dale, Wallace, Norm Casey and Ron .
Sea Bee Wet Suits- Surf Slicker.
2UW Radio- contest for the best surfing limerick to win a Kriesler transistor radio or a Gordon Woods surfboard.
Ron Surfboards- inside back cover.
Mini Cooper

Surfing World  May 1964 Volume 4 Number 3
Easters swells at Yagen and Seal Rocks
Dee Why

Centre fold: Terrigal breakwater
Walker Foam
Gordon Woods Surfboards
Wallace Surfboards
Dee Why Surf Shop

Hobie Alter and Motorised Surfboard,
California, circa 1965.

Surfing World July 1964 Volume 4 Number 5 .
Brownwater (Collaroy)
Internationals at Angourie
Photo Contest Winners: Scott Dillion at Fairy Bower, Body surfer by G. Ramsey (wins a Keyo Paipo Belly board)
Werri Beach
Controversy at Currumbin, breakwater proposed.
Diamond Head, NSW
Woolamai Beach
Bisso Cartoon 
Centre Fold:

Surfriders Board Shorts by L. and J. Platt
Dale Surfboards
Casben board shorts surf and swim-beach wear .

Keyo International Custom Surfboards.
McDonagh Surfboards
Scott Dillon Surfboards.
Morris 850

Surfing World Volume 4 Number 6 August 1964 .
Cover: Wayne Burton Surfman 1964 (wake boarding)
Bob Evans and Bob Cooper, photographs by Mal Sutherland: Byron Bay
Surfer Girl: Jenny Falzon
Interview: Wayne Burton, top shaper at Keyo surfboards
Dave Jackman: The Big Safari Hawaii
Mona Vale Basin
Lurline Bay, photographs by John Pennings
Ian Wilson, text and photographs: Flynn's Reef
Alan Godfrey: Pakiri Beach, New Zealand.
Vintage Surfboards: Vic Tantau with a 1926 solid redwood and Dick Gerrard's American hollow plywood, 1936 (below).
Sufer Questionnaire

T-shirts: Gordie Surfboards, Dewey Weber Surfboards, and Joe Quigg Surfboards .
McDonagh Surfboards
Hang Ten Surfboard Wax, tested by Mike Doyle and Linda Benson.

"The two boards in the photo on this page are the oldest relics in Victoria.
They took Vic Tantau four years to find.
The 1926 solid red­wood is one of the four originals shap­ed off the first surfboard to be intro­duced into Victoria by Manly surfer Sprint Walker in 1926.

Snow McAlister and Sprint Walker, both good NSW boardriders, each had one of these solids in 1926. The board has now been restored to top condi­tion and has been presented to Tor­quay SLSC as a show-piece.

The other board, a 1936 hollow, is made of 1/2 inch planks with a vee bot­tom with a small long flat fin. This board was shipped back from Cali­fornia by Torquay surfer and Olympic Games wrestler Dick Gerrard.
Dick visited America en route to Australia after competing at the 1936 Berlin Games.

Right: Vic Tantau with a 1926 solid redwood and Dick Gerrard's American hollow plywood, 1936.
- Surfing World Volume 4 Number 6 August 1964, page 26, adjusted.

Note: The solid wood board, and possibly the other one, were destroyed when the Torquay clubhouse burnt down in the 1970s.

Petersen's Surfing Magazine Number 6 August 1964
Cover Photo of Sunset Surfing scene at Ala Mona Hawaii by Ron Church.
56 Pages of Surfing Articles, Pictures and Advertisements.
A Full Color Centerfold Picture of Rick Grigg and Ron Church Surfing at Waikiki.

Fred Hemmings
Greg Noll
Body surfing
Surfing in Queensland Australia.
Wake surfing the Salton Sea.
Ala Moana.
Surfmaid: Gayle Momi Adachi.
Records by Dick Dale and The Beach Boys
Big Daddy Roth

Long Black Wave
Surfing Here, There, and Everywhere
Queensland, Australia
Body Surfing
Fred Hemmings Profile
Boat Wake Surfing - Salton Sea
Ala Moana
Rock'n The Nose
Surfing Fundamentals - Part III

Surfer Volume 5 number 4 September 1964
Surfer Tips Number 12-
Dewey Weber: Ding Repair
Orange County Pictorial, includes full page art work cartoon comic style map by Rick Griffin (17 pages?) . 2 page with
nterview: Midget Farrelly, Australian World Champion.
Ron Perrott [text and photographs]:
Australian World Contest, including an aerial photo of the contest as the centre fold (9 pages).
The Fantastic Juniors, interview with Jeff Hakman, Corky Carroll and Mark Martinson titled (8 pages).
Duke Boyd: Pipeline
Cannons  Pistols & Big Surf, 2 page article on big wave board design and photographs of featuring balsa-redwood, Bob Simmons laminated wood sandwich constructed in the late 1940s, current Hot Dog,  Hawaiian semi-gun,  and a balsa wood Elephant Gun.
Ageless Peterson Tandem Surfing Championship, with Micky Munoz, Mike Doyle, Linda Merrill.
Comic strip: Murphy and the Surf Spy part II.

Skateboarding with Herbie Fletcher

The Challengers (
surf band), with Rick Griffin art work.
Hobie Skateboards.

Surfer Products.

Surfing World, Vol.5.  No.2. October 1964.  
Cape St. Francis,
Ugh's Reef- the locals call it Green Knob,
John Monie,
Whale Beach Wedge,
Little Avalon Reef
Bud Browne: Locked In!
Bruce Brown: Endless Summer
Farmers: Makaha Surfriders Shop, City, Gordon and Miranda Fair.
Midget Farrelly Surf Skate
Keyo Surfboards
McDonagh Surfboards
Scott Dillon Surfboards, new factory and showroom almost completed.

Surfing World Vol.5 No.3. November 1964,
Centrespread: Angourie
Alby Falzon: Lennox Head- a great surf of Australia
Griffiths Point
Cronulla Boardriders Club
Dunlop, page 19
Bruce Brown: Endless Summer.

Take Off On Dunlop!
Dunlop Hand Surfa.

Surfing World
Vol.5 No.3. November 1964, page 19.

1965 Stringerless by Midget Farrelly-Peru World Championships Nose lift, thin rails, light weight, George Greenough (US) fin-stage 1 
1965 July 4 Tom Morey Innvitational Noseriding Contest Ventura California.

'Won' by Mickey Munoz riding a Hobie Surfboard, shaped by Phil Edwards, featuring  flat nose rocker, kicked tail and a concave nose.
US designers went into overdrive in the develpoment of Noserider models:
The Eliminator by Greek Surfboards The Performer by Weber Surfboards
The Ugly by Con Surfboards The Stretch by Gordon and Smith Surfboards
The Penetrator by John Peck/Morey-Pope Surfboards
Variously featuring flat nose rocker, narrow high kicked tails, concave and stepped noses.
The design included the first use of low rails by Tom Morey, followed by further development at Gordon and Smith Surfboards by Mike Hynson, Mike Haley and Skipp Frye).
Fin design was even more varied - Hatchet fins by Dewey Weber, the Tunnel fin, and Surfresearch's The Fin Wing(?).
A Nose patch became a common decor feature  -contest coring was based on the time a rider could stand on a marked section of the front 25% of the board. See # 109.
Manufacturers often added these, particually  to noseriding models, but many riders added the decor post-production.
This feature was a excellent marketing tool for Morey-Pope's coloured aerosol wax alternative - Slipcheck and competitor Grip-Feet
This was the first professional contest - 25 invitees, purse of $1500.oo.
This was the first objective contest - the rider scoring against the clock. A ride of 20 seconds was/is outstanding.See Notes About Surfing.
Phil Edwards' design and  the host of variations were exported to Australia by  late1965.
Kampion pages 103 -104
Nat History pages 100 -101 
1965  George Greenough’s Spoon (US) flexible kneeboard - Velo  SS. Clear flex bottom, molded from Velo 1 (a spooned deck balsa kneeboard, 1962?), added foam rails and Stage II fin. Red pigment rails and fin reinforcement. The board was warped during construction (asymmetric). 5 ft x 22 inches, 14 inch pod ?.
Hot Generation / Evolution/ Innermost Limits of Pure Fun/ Crystal Voyager.
 Australian Surfers Journal Vol2 #2 pages 72 and 86 
1965 December Nautilas or Cuttlefish by Nat Young at Gordon Woods Surfboards. Greenough spoon nose, foam centre and flex tail. 8 ft x 23". Dubbed "Nat’s Folly" by Midget

Scott Dillon Museum Collection
Carter pp 26-27,
Nat's Nat page?
1966 Sam- a Joey Cabell derivative designed by Bob McTavish, George Greenough (fin) and others such as Cord Surfboards and Honessee Surfboards, Qld.
Shaped by Nat Young at Gordon Woods Surfboards,Sydney.
Fist ridden The Kick, Collaroy.
Last ridden in the final of the 1966 World Titles at Ocean Beach California.
The board disappeared during post-contest celebrations.

Single stringer ,thin rails,9ft 4",22” wide, 6” pod, 2 ½ ” thick with 12” Greenough stage 2 fin.
Hot Generation
Nat's Nat page?

Surfer  1963-1964 Dec-Jan  Vol.4 No 6
Surfer-Skier: Joey Cabell & Mike Haley
Bud Lavinino: Surfing Frigid Frisco.
Redondo Breakwater
Sequence: Phil Edwards at Pipeline
Rick Griffin: Murphy Cartoon
, Scott Dillon riding Bare Island
Huntington Beach Championships
Walker Foam
Dewey Weber Surfboards
Ole Surfboards
Dave Sweet Surfboards
Olympic Surfboards

Surfabout  1965  vol.2. no.10
Cronulla Point,
Great Britain,
Lord Blears: Hawaiian Scene, column
Nat's paddle race win 1965
NSW Titles both won by Kevin Brennan
Weiss Surfboards
Dale Surfboards

Record Reviews: Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Surf-And-Roadster-Rock Trilogy  January 2, 2012  By Patrick A. Reed

Funko Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head, Rat Fink with Blue Surf Board


RAT FINK Big Daddy Ed Roth Japan Beast Surf Fink VW VAN WAZOOOMA! WALL PLAQUE #2

Vintage Ed Big Daddy Roth SURFINK 1964 Model ~ BOX ONLY

Mary Tyler-Moore, California, circa 1962.
home catalogue history references appendix

 1966 Finney, Ben and Houston, James D. : Surfing – A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
Pomegranate Books P.O. Box 6099 Rohnert Park, CA 94927  Reprint 1996

1968 Kahanamoku, Duke With Brennan, Joe:  Duke Kahanamoku’s World of Surfing
Angus and Robertson Publishers Sydney , Australia 1972 2nd Edition  A&R Paperbacks, Sydney , Australia

1970 Margan, Frank and Finney, Ben R. :  A Pictorial History of Surfing
Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltd, 176 South Creek Road, Dee Why West, NSW 2099.

1964 Pollard, Jack (ed.):  The Australian Surfrider
K.G.Murray Publishing Co.P/L,142 Clarence Street , Sydney Australia

1972 The Best of Tracks   (Vol. I) Editors : Falzon, Albert; Stewart, John; Grissim, John. :
Tracks Publishing Co Pty Ltd. P.O. Box 178 Avalon, NSW.
'Bob McTavish’s Personal History of Surfboard Design – Pods for Primates Parts 1' (pages 120 – 122).

1997 Warshaw, Matt : Surfriders – In Search of the Perfect Wave
Tehabi Books, Inc. Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

1978 Warwick, Wayne A Guide to Surfriding in New Zealand Second Edition
Viking Sevenseas Ltd Wellington, New Zealand

1979 Young, Nat ; Photographs by McCausland, Bill: Nat Young’s Book of Surfing
A.H. & A.W. Reed Pty. Ltd. 53 Myroora Rd, Terry Hills, Sydney.

1983 Young, Nat with McGregor, Craig : The History 0f Surfing
Palm Beach Press,40 Palm Beach Road, Palm Beach NSW 2108 

1985  A History of Australian Surfing  Nat Young.

1971  Modern World July   Shane Steadman/Terry Fiztgerald (possibly) : 'Surfboard Design' pages 30 to 36.

1972  Surfing World. Volume 16 #4.  Bob Evans : 'remember the time when...' pages  30 to 35. 

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home catalogue history references appendix

circa October 1963:
Although Joan tended to stay close to Bob when he finished his day's work, Dylan and Farina found some time to tryout the California experience together.
Shortly after Bob arrived, Richard showed him Joan's Vespa motorcycle, and they went through the male ritual of inspecting the bike, pacing around the machine, and handling random parts decorously.
Farina, who had ridden other people's bikes a few times in Europe, was a novice rider but critical of Dylan's ability.
"He would play around with that motorcycle," Farina said, "but he really could not drive."
Mimi and Joan watched from Joan's window as the men took turns spinning down Corona Road, wondering which one would crash first.
"Neither of them knew what he was doing, really," said Mimi, "and they got on those things and thought they were Marlon Brando.
"Apparently looking for another hot-dogging opportunity for which they were equally ill prepared, they borrowed a Carmel neighbor's surfboard one night in early October and went moonlight surfing alone.
"I remember that he had written 'Lay Down Your Weary Tune' at Carmel," Farina later said.
"One evening, we were out surfing with a surfboard, and he rode the motorcycle back and wrote the tune.
I remember that because [Joan] was on her way to do a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and he was very keen that she should sing it with him.
But she was unsure of the song and the words and didn't want to do it yet."

Hajdu, David:
Positively 4th Steet- The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina and Richard Farina.
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 38 Soho Square, London, WID 3HB, 2001, page 189.
Farrar, Srraus and Giroux, 19 Union Square West, New York 10003 I.